SLP to PHP Converter Today (May 2024)

In today’s scenario, cryptocurrency has been the entire world’s attention as various countries have started accepting it. Within this economic platform, one of the most searched facts is how to convert SLP to PHP. Many people look for information regarding this significant conversion.

What is SLP?

Now, SLP or Smooth Love Potion is a sort of digital cash that one can find in the Axie Infinity game. It is a blockchain-based game that enables one to increase SLP power. The Axie is a digital in-game creature that can be gathered, nurtured, familiarized, and eventually employed in battle in this visible world.

A particular amount of tokens is needed to produce Axie. However, the calculation of the parent type determines the required amount. SLP passes have grown famous because people have started to exchange them in cryptocurrency.

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How to Collect SLP?

When it comes to collecting the tokens of SLP in the thebAxie infinity game, Axies are the key things. There are few choices for you to get these treasured creatures. The considerable standard method to receive potions is to gain them as a reward after succeeding in a game.

However, this may take a lengthy period of time because you must win up to 15 contests before you can achieve your first species. You can also earn them by completing the daily quests. Another way to gain SLP is through buying them from Zipmex and other exchanges for a kick start and making more SLP.

An experienced player can make up to 200 SLP in a day by completing everyday tasks and battles. However, a newbie would hardly earn 50 SLP per day, which isn’t precisely adequate for the admission fee for the games.

How to convert SLP to PHP?

With the advent of cryptocurrency, now gamers Philippines have started to convert their SLP into PHP for the sake of economic gain. There are many factors that facilitate its use in the forthcoming time. Hence, having more SLP and turning SLP to PHP through this Axies infinity game has become one of the main searched things for the people of the Philippines.

Since SLP, digital money is convertible into authentic PHP, People find it useful and are now planning to invest in cryptocurrency. If you also intend to invest in this medium, then you just need to collect as much SLP as you can and then follow the steps mentioned below to convert them into PHP:

  1. Transmit your SLP to Binance. On the Axie Infinity account dashboard, sync your SLP. 
  2. Visit and transfer your SLP from Ronin to MetaMask.
  3. Sell your SLP to PHP. Now that your SLP is on the Binance P2P wallet, then transfer it to your P2P wallet.

However, since SLP is not a steady coin, the price will vary continuously every minute. And hence, we can not predict an unchanging price of the coin. With more engagement in gaming, the demand for SLP to PHP will grow and with this, the price may increase in the future times.

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