Sonic Exe FNF Codes (September 2023)

Friday Night Funkin is a popular music battle game that can be played on PC and the internet. One thing that appeals to people about FNF is how easy it is to alter and develop new game kinds. Apart from this, players are crazy about the Sonic Exe FNF Codes that are very useful within the game. In this article, we will be discussing the codes available in the sound test part of the game in detail.

What are Sonic Exe FNF Codes?

Roblox Friday night Bloxxin’ is a rhythm recreation in which you battle towards an opponent to a peer who can tap out arrows the quickest to the song’s beat! that is a popular sports genre that originated with Friday Night Funkin’ and has grown to encompass a massive range of different games on many platforms.

While playing the game, you will earn points that you may use to purchase cosmetics for your character. You may speed up your collection by using the free codes on this page!

With 78 current results, Vs Sonic Exe Sound Test Codes may provide various options for saving money. You may save up to 51 percent on your purchase. We frequently update with new promo codes.

The most recent ones are scheduled for May 4, 2022. In the previous 73 days, 39 new Vs Sonic Exe Sound Test Codes results have been discovered, implying that further information is found every 18.25 days.

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Sonic Exe FNF Codes
Sonic Exe FNF Codes

According to our monitoring, online customers can save an average of 40% when they purchase at Vs Sonic Exe Sound Test Codes utilizing our discounts. 

Latest Sonic Exe FNF Codes

Cutting-edge Roblox Funky Friday redeem codes here’s a listing of all presently energetic Roblox Funky Friday codes that you could use to gain loose factors and animations.

  • 1BILCHEESE – Funky Cheese Animation
  • 9keyishere – 500 Points
  • MILLION LIKES – radio emote
  • 100kactive – 250 Points
  • Half billion – 500 Points
  • smashthatlike button – 300 Points
  • 250M – 250 Points 
  • 1MILFAVS – Boombox Animation
  • 100M – 500 Points
  • 19DOLLAR – RickRoll animation

How to Download FNF vs. Sonic.exe Mod

  • To obtain the mod files, follow this link or go to and search for FNF vs. Sonic.exe.
  • Allow the RAR file to finish downloading.
  • Unzip the RAR archive with WinRAR or a similar utility.
  • Look for the Bin folder in the main folder.
  • Within the Bin folder, choose Sonic. Exe.exe
  • Load the game to begin playing it.

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How to Redeem Sonic Exe FNF Codes?

It’s effortless to use these codes. All you need to do is follow those easy steps.

  • Roblox should be launched, and Funky Friday should be activated.
  • Select the Twitter icon.
  • To begin, enter one of the codes listed below.
  • From the drop-down option, choose Redeem.
  • It’s completed!

That’s the best element there is to it! Your rewards will be available immediately if the code is valid and you follow the procedures correctly.


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