Sparkling Cookie: How to Get, Best Toppings, Skills, and Powers

The developers of Cookie Run: Kingdom, introduced a character in 2017 called Sparkling Cookie for Tropical Soda island. If you are willing to know about this special character, then you must read the whole article. Starting from his nature, abilities and powers everything will be discussed here.

Who is Sparkling Cookie?

Sparkling Cookie plays the primary role character in Tropical Soda island. He is depicted as having a juice bar that is decorated. He has the Healing class, and that gives him the most priority for being unique. Epic Cookie known as Sparkling Cookie comes with his paired pet, Bow Tie Bottle.

It is said that Sparkling Cookie has great taste and always looks good. He has golden hair and is dressed in black and white. Both his attitude and his appearance are such that they are always suitable for a vibrant celebration. His work is to organize a sparkling party with unique balloons.

If we talk about the nature of the character, Sparkling Cookie makes sure to look himself in the mirror every single day before starting his work at the bar. This character is like champagne. But since alcohol is not something to show in the game, the developers call it sparkling juice.

How to Get Sparkling Cookie?

Players often find it tricky to get this character. Well, the Special Cookie Gacha is the only way to earn an epic Sparkling Cookie. Unfortunately, this tactic is only beneficial for players who are able to maintain their composure after multiple attempts. The chance of receiving this fighter through Gacha is not particularly great, coming in at approximately 19.278%.

However, there is an additional option available for impatient players who are looking to heighten their game as rapidly as possible.  And that is to make use of the one-of-a-kind in-game money known as Soulstones.

The in-game currency can be used for different purposes starting from buying items to making characters. You are able to utilise the Soulstones to produce any amazing Cookie, including the Sparkling Cookie.

However, for that, you will need to have many Soulstones in your gaming account. So, if you are planning to get this unique character, make sure you have your bag full of Soulstones.

Sparkling Cookie – Power

The power of the Sparkling Cookie is to initiate parties at scheduled intervals. He would jump and glide to start the party. Sparkling Cookie possesses a talent called magic candy to decorate the party. This talent enables unique balloons to appear at the party. The balloons can be utilised to create Sparkling Jellies. And as you level up, you’ll be able to have parties every now and then.

Sparkling Cookie Toppings

If you want to have Sparkling Cookie toppings, then we would suggest you go for X5 swift chocolate topping. This is because it lowers the CD and for that Sparkling Cookie’s ability increases. Thus it allows him to use its power more frequently. In addition to healing teammates with HP, this power also boosts the possibility of performing a Strike.

Sparkling Cookie x Herb Cookie

Herb Cookie is an Epic rarity healer part of many team compositions at the highest ranks. This article explores the various toppings gamers should use with Herb Cookie to get the most value from him.


To conclude, this is all you need to know about the Sparkling Cookie character. This character is very unique and works like charm when it comes to healing the other characters. Tropical Soda island is blessed to have such a character in its bucket.

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