Subnautica Below Zero Map Locations (May 2024)

Subnautica is an underwater action-based adventurous game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Participants examine and explore the sea on the alien planet called 4546B when their spaceship, the Aurora, collides on the planet’s exterior.

The players are supposed to collect aid and fight with creatures to survive. The Subnautica map is vast, where players roam around numerous places to clear the mission. Now let’s discuss some of the best places in Subnautica below the zero map.

Best Places in Subnautica Below Zero Map

Subnautica below zero map includes three kinds of biomes: outside water biomes, underwater biomes, and underwater caves. On the entire map, there are lots of materials, resources, wrecks, aids, and safe places.

However, since swimming is the only movement, participants often find it difficult to roam around from one corner of the map to another. Hence, some players employ Subnautica below zero maps mod to make the exploration more swift.

However, players need to find some good places on the map to construct their base for the game. So, here we will discuss some of the best places in Subnautica below zero map to building the base.

subnatic locations map
Subnatic locations map

1. The Purple Vents

The first best place to construct your base is beside the Purple Vents. You can cultivate tons of Thermal Generators here to supply unlimited energy to your base. Participants will discover this site on the eastern flank of Delta Island on the Subnautica Below Zero map.

2. Twisty Bridges Biome

The second best place to build your base is around the Twisty Bridges biome. This exquisite and secure biome is an excellent establishment to set your base filled with resources like Lithium, Titanium, and Silver. Unlike other places, this place does not have dangerous monsters. We would suggest you to create your ground in the Southern waters of this biome. When you proceed toward the Delta region, you will reach nearer to the central province of the Subnautica Below Zero map.

3. Delta Island

Delta Island is another perfect place for participants to create their headquarters on the Below Zero map. It’s a suitable location to get whole Solar Energy which is the securest and most dependable origin of energy at the start of the game.

4. The Ventgarden

Another great selection for your base would be The Ventgarden. If you dream about building a headquarters close to a large garden inside a colossal jellyfish, this place is for you. Building a base in such a place on the Subnautica Below Zero map would be an excellent idea. 

5. The Glacial Basin

If the west part of the map is what you like, then you should go for Glacial Basin. This place is far away from the Kelp Forest and will lead you to face some dangerous Snow Stalker. However, killing those monsters will give you the necessary resources and help you to level up your game.


To sum up, this is everything one should know about the Subnautica below zero maps. The places mentioned above are some of the best to start building the game. The map gives you the idea of where to hide, where to build your headquarters, where you will find more resources etc. So, it’s clear that the map has a very important role in upgrading your game fast.

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