Super Animal Royale Codes (February 2024)

Super Animal Royale, developed by Pixile Studios, is the most beautiful battle royale game currently on the marketplace. Don’t fall for its gorgeous style and fashion. Gamers will agree that the game is enjoyable. The clothing and skins show your personal style and help you be different from others. You can Super Animal Royale codes to access to the things you’d like to own at any time you’d like.

Be aware of our site and check back with Greg regularly to keep up-to-date with the most current rules and changes. We’ve included an extensive description of the process that’s simple to comprehend.

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List of Super Animal Royale Codes

Active codes:

  • AWW: Redeem this code for Antler & Wool on Wings Umbrella.
  • PIXILEPLAYS: Redeem this code for Pixile Anniversary Dress, available during the official Pixile Studios streams.
  • FROGGYCROSSING: Redeem this code for Froggy Hat, Froggy Dress, and Purple Round Glasses.
  • SQUIDUP: Redeem this code for Squid Hat.
  • SUPERFREE: Redeem this code for Super Fox Beanie.
  • LOVE: Redeem this code for Rainbow Baseball Cap & also Rainbow Umbrella
  • NLSS: Redeem this code for Josh’s Umbrella, Egg Umbrella, Red Striped Shirt, Red Button Up Shirt, Police Hat, Police Outfit, Jeans Vest, Velvet Robe & also Skull Beanie,

How to Redeem Super Animal Royale codes?

You must be on the main menu to get Super Animal Royale codes.

  1. Fire up the game on your device.
  2. Go to the main menu, you can click on play.
  3. Now find the redeem code section.
  4. Enter the codes that we’ve shared above.
  5. Done! Your codes will be credited automatically.

Then you’ll be able to open the text box that allows you to paste either the coupon number or it into the previously mentioned box. Then, click the button for redemption. If the coupon code were accepted, the window would display the reward you earned. If the coupon code does not work or is not taken, you will see an error message that reads Error Coupon Code Not Found.

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You’ll have to visit Donna’s home page to watch the entire episode, including Story Milestones in Super Animal Royale. Donna manages Donna’s, Private Lab. Dogma. If you succeed, you’ll be offered the opportunity to achieve your objectives and get the essential dog clothing that is scientific. This can help the dog look beautiful and attractive with the help of various cosmetics available. 

How to Get More Codes

The creators of the game are known as Super Animal Royale. Super Animal Royale is responsible for the game’s programming and accessibility. They also assist in the promotion of this game. Visit the official Animal Royale Twitter page to keep up with announcements regarding the most current guidelines. In case you’re not on any social media, you can play the latest collection of codes that you can download from this website. 


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