Takt Op Symphony Tier List (September 2023): Best Characters

Welcome to the exciting world of Takt Op Symphony! In this stunning anime series, the power of music is the main focus, taking viewers to a fascinating realm where symphonies have extraordinary abilities. As fans enthusiastically engage with this musical adventure, conversations about the different characters and their strengths have led to the creation of a Tier List.

In this article, we will explore the Takt Op Symphony Tier List, discovering the various tiers and the characters that belong to each one. Come with us as we uncover the power hierarchy in this captivating anime universe!

Takt Op Symphony is a gacha game featuring powerful Musicarts, each with unique abilities. Building the best team requires knowing the top Musicarts in each tier.

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S Tier

  1. Walkure: The best Musicart with powerful AoE attacks and healing. A must-have for any team.
  2. Fantasia Impromptu: Top-tier Musicart dealing massive damage to a single target at high speed.
  3. Swan Lake: Versatile Musicart for tanking, healing, and DPS. Ideal for any team.
  4. Winter: Powerful mage dealing area damage and capable of enduring tough enemies.

A Tier

  1. Bolero: Fast, agile Stalker dealing significant damage and adept at dodging attacks.
  2. Daphnis & Chloe: Strong Restorer duo healing and buffing allies with tackiness.
  3. Elise: Strong Blader dealing substantial damage to single targets at great speed.
  4. Twinke Star: Potent Restorer swiftly healing and buffing allies for strong support.

B Tier

  1. Gustav Mahler: Potent Gunner dealing ranged damage and tanking tough foes.
  2. Mozart: Versatile Musicart excelling in tanking, healing, and DPS roles.
  3. Rhapsody in Blue: Mighty Mage dealing wide area damage and with high resilience.
  4. Tchaikovsky: Strong Blader dealing considerable single-target damage swiftly.

C Tier

  1. Beethoven: Strong Gunner dealing distant damage and with solid tankiness.
  2. Chopin: Versatile Musicart fitting roles from tanking to healing and DPS.
  3. Gioachino Rossini: Potent Mage dealing expansive area damage with resilience.
  4. Johann Sebastian Bach: Strong Blader dealing substantial single-target damage swiftly.

This provides a snapshot of the best Musicarts in Takt Op Symphony. Note that the tier list can change with game updates, so staying informed is crucial.

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Reroll Guide

  • The best Musicarts to reroll for are S-tier characters like Destiny, Symphony No. 5, and Gluck.
  • You can also reroll for specific Musicarts that you like, even if they are not S-tier.
  • It is important to note that you can only reroll once per account. If you are not satisfied with your initial reroll, you will need to create a new account.
  • If you are rerolling on an emulator, you can use the emulator’s built-in function to clear app data quickly. This will save you a lot of time when rerolling.

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So, that’s all guys for Takt Op Symphony tier list, if you like the article, share it with your friends!

Takt Op Symphony is a new anime gacha game that has quickly become popular. One of the most important aspects of the game is building a strong team of Musicarts. This guide has provided a tier list of the best Musicarts in the game, as well as some tips on how to build a successful team.

Ultimately, the best Musicarts for you will depend on your playstyle and preferences. However, this tier list should give you a good starting point for building a powerful team.

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