The First Descendant Gley Build Guide, Unlock Characters

Gley is a ranged character in The First Descendant who specializes in dealing damage from a distance. He has a variety of abilities that allow him to control the battlefield and pick off enemies from afar. Gley is also very mobile, making him difficult to hit.

This guide will provide you with a complete build for Gley, including his best weapons, armor, and mods. We will also cover his playstyle and strategies for using his abilities effectively.

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Gley’s best weapons are those that allow him to deal high damage from a distance. Sniper rifles and assault rifles are both good choices. You can also use rocket launchers and grenades to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

  • Sniper rifles: The Thunder Cage and the Frozen Hell are both excellent sniper rifles that can deal massive damage to enemies.
  • Assault rifles: The Tempest and the Shadow Fury are both good assault rifles that can deal a lot of damage per second.
  • Rocket launchers: The Vulcan and the Apocalypse are both powerful rocket launchers that can clear out groups of enemies with ease.
  • Grenades: The Quantum Grenade and the Frag Grenade are both good grenades that can deal damage to enemies in a wide area.


Gley’s best armor is that which increases his mobility and damage output. Light armor is a good choice, as it will allow him to move quickly and avoid enemy attacks. You can also use medium armor if you want to increase your survivability.

  • Light armor: The Phantom Armor and the Zephyr Armor are both good light armor sets that increase mobility and damage output.
  • Medium armor: The Bastion Armor and the Vanguard Armor are both good medium armor sets that increase survivability and damage output.


Gley’s best mods are those that increase his damage output, mobility, and survivability. You can also use mods to reduce the cooldowns of his abilities.

  • Damage output: The Critical Damage Up mod and the Damage Up mod both increase damage output.
  • Mobility: The Movement Speed Up mod and the Sprint Stamina Up mod both increase mobility.
  • Survivability: The Health Up mod and the Defense Up mod both increase survivability.
  • Ability cooldown reduction: The Ability Cooldown Reduction mod reduces the cooldowns of abilities.


Gley’s playstyle is to stay at a distance from enemies and deal damage from afar. He can use his abilities to control the battlefield and pick off enemies one by one. Gley is also very mobile, making him difficult to hit.

  • Stay at a distance from enemies. Gley is most effective when he is dealing damage from afar. Stay behind cover and avoid getting into close-quarters combat.
  • Use your abilities to control the battlefield. Gley’s abilities can be used to slow down enemies, stun them, and deal damage to them from a distance. Use your abilities to create openings for yourself and your teammates.
  • Pick off enemies one by one. Gley is not a tank character, so he should avoid taking on multiple enemies at once. Focus on picking off enemies one by one from a distance.
  • Use your mobility to your advantage. Gley is very mobile, making him difficult to hit. Use your movement abilities to dodge enemy attacks and reposition yourself on the battlefield.


  • Frost Grenade: Use your Frost Grenade to slow down enemies and make them easier to hit. You can also use it to create a barrier between you and enemies.
  • Time Rift: Use your Time Rift to stun enemies and make them vulnerable to attack. You can also use it to teleport yourself to a different location.
  • Singularity: Use your Singularity to pull enemies together and deal damage to them in a group. You can also use it to create a black hole that pulls enemies in and traps them.
  • Supernova: Use your Supernova to deal massive damage to all enemies in a wide area. This is a great ability to use to finish off groups of enemies or to clear out a large area.

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How to Unlock Characters

To unlock a new character in The First Descendant, you need to go to Anais, the magister in Albion. At her station, you can research new characters. To research a character, you need to have the following items:

  • Code: This is a unique item that can be obtained from various sources, such as completing missions, opening chests, and defeating bosses.
  • Spiral Catalyst: This item is used to research all characters. It can be obtained by completing missions and opening chests.
  • Enhanced Cells: These items are used to research specific characters. They can be obtained by defeating bosses and opening chests.
  • Stabilizer: This item is used to complete the research process. It can be obtained by completing missions and opening chests.

Once you have all of the required items, you can research the character you want to unlock. The research process will take some time, but once it is complete, you will be able to use the new character.


Gley is a powerful ranged character who can deal a lot of damage from a distance. He is also very mobile, making him difficult to hit. By following the tips and strategies in this guide, you can learn how to play Gley effectively

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