Tower of Fantasy Redeem Codes (July 2024)

Tower of Fantasy is an RPG where players must fight against enemy armies that appear on the screen from right to left. For this, you can use your units and spells, which you can unlock as you level up.

In order to win a round, players must destroy all enemy towers within a certain time limit—three minutes at first and then two minutes after that—by attacking them with their soldiers’ weapons (which are swords and bows). Each attack will deal damage equal to that soldier’s attack power multiplied by his or her movement speed divided by 100 (rounded down). If this amount exceeds an enemy’s health.

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Tower of Fantasy Redeem Codes

  • KA5QN8CM – 1 Black Nucleus
  • KA67KAYQ – 1 Vitality Solution
  • LAJ9TK0R – 1 SR Relic Shard Box and 3 Matrix Data Pack III
  • LAGCKK7X – 2 Vera Special Gift and 1 Gold Nucleus
  • LAK73P61 – 200 Dark Crystals
  • LAH34NQM – 1 Black Nucleus and 2 Weapon Battery III
  • KYOKAGETSUEI – 1 Red Nucleus
  • SOCCERFAN – Special Title of ‘Legend on the Pitch’
  • TOF2023 – 1 SR Relic Shard Box, 1 Black Nucleus and 1 Weapon Augmentation Box I
  • TENRAN1222ESUTA – 1 Gold Nucleus

Tower of Fantasy Basic Guide

Tower of Fantasy is an RPG where players must fight against enemy armies that appear on the screen from right to left. For this, you can use your units and spells, which you can unlock as you level up.

Tower of Fantasy is an online fantasy tower defence game that combines elements from tower defence games with RPG mechanics. You must build towers to protect your base from enemies and gain resources to upgrade those towers.

The goal of the game is to destroy your opponent’s base before they destroy yours. Units in Tower of Fantasy are organized in three rows, Right in front of your opponent’s army. They differ greatly in terms of their stats (attack, defence, movement speed, and so on) but also in terms of their characteristics: some can attack all of the opponent’s units at once while others can only focus on a single target.

As you progress through the game, you will have to select an additional unit from each new level to fight alongside your initial group. Once you beat a level for the first time, you’ll be able to replay it with different difficulty settings like “Easy Mode” or “Hard Mode.” On top of that, there’s also a multiplayer mode that allows up to four players at once!

The combat system in Tower of Fantasy works completely automatically and turns into a battle between each unit’s stats. That said, it is important to understand that movement speed is a very important stat, regardless of how much damage a unit does or how much health it has–since the units with slower movement speeds attack first.

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Movement speed is a very important stat in Tower of Fantasy because it affects the order in which your units attack. Units with slower movement speed attack first, so it’s helpful to have some units with faster movement speeds that can move up and help defend their allies.

With the different levels and difficulties in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll earn tons of experience points and money that you can use to improve your unit’s stats or acquire new spells. As such, it is essential that you stay current with your upgrades as best you can so that they don’t end up killing you too much.

To help with this process we’ve created a guide that will explain all the different aspects of combat so that players can easily understand how everything works, which will allow them to make informed decisions about what kind of units they need to buy and what kinds of spells are best for their tactics against other players online.


That’s all for today! If you’re looking for something new to play on your smartphone or tablet, then Tower of Fantasy is definitely worth checking out. The game offers a lot of fun challenges and plenty of replay value thanks to its high replay value. You’ll also find yourself getting hooked on the story as the game progresses–and that’s not just because there’s so much lore packed into every single level (which is pretty fantastic).

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