Toyhouse Invite Codes (June 2024)

If you look across you might find several people offering Toyhouse invite codes at the cost of money. Although they aren’t even worth 20 cents, people are spending even as much as $5 to 10$ for a single invite code. 

While websites are offering invitation codes with premium accounts, they aren’t worth much. That is why in this article we are going to showcase some of the most prominent ways in which you can acquire Toyhouse invite codes completely for free. 

What Exactly is Toyhouse? 

Predominantly Toyhouse was created for displaying and trading various adaptable and commission-based characters for fursonas and roleplay. Even at this time, Toyhouse is in a semi-open alpha state, with even a restricted no. of users. As for the premium members, each person only gets 2 invites per week that are distributed every Sunday. 

Each image and character are specifically organized with unique tags, folders as well as assigned worlds. In Toyhouse, each designer can easily assign ownership of the character while specifying their transfers.

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How to Get Toyhouse Invite Codes 

If you ever come across any website claiming to offer Toyhouse Invite Codes completely for free, chances are it is an absolute scam. This is mainly because, Toyhouse invite codes are given to each premium member, who can solely distribute any invite code. 

So, no website or regulatory body can have access to an adequate no. of codes for distribution publicly. The easiest way is to approach the premium users while asking directly for their invitation code. 

Head over to the link from the official Toyhouse website to get free invitation codes. You can join their Discord, where they randomly give out invitation codes completely for free. Here are some of the latest reported Toyhouse invite codes, you can check them once whether they are working or not.

  • jmP6G0sqyu
  • KqYEU0a4t3
  • UFPq7wXvFP
  • YfgCjq9kqv
  • cJetkJZ2Rj
  • LPZ8ifDsuN
  • cJetkJZ2Rj

Salient Features of Toyhouse

It is imperative to understand that there are a plethora of reasons that make Toyhouse stand out. Here is a list of all the salient features that make Toyhouse truly stand out: 

1. Character Profiles

One of the greatest abilities of Toyhouse is that users can create an unlimited number of character profiles and organize them accordingly. In fact, each of these profiles either containing a character or world is completely editable right down to its very core. 

2. Worlds

Worlds are basically groups made by the users in Toyhouse. This is something similar to that of a mini-forum. After joining the World, users can also add their characters to it as well. In order words, these Toyhouse Worlds are more like Roleplay hubs than any art collection. 

3. Forums

Just like every other modern social media website, Toyhouse also offers a very active forum experience. In fact, Forums are one of the most common places where you can meet with other users and even get a free invitation code. 


So that was our curated guide on how you can get the Toyhouse invitation code completely for free. Bear in mind, that these coupons are absolutely easy to get by. Make sure you don’t end up paying a fortune just to get one. And let us know in the comment section below, which free code you want us to cover next? 

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