Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes September 2023

Treasure of Nadia is essentially an erotic adventure game developed and published by NLT Media. It features 12 attractive women that a player will meet as you progress in the game. Throughout the hidden caves and jungles, you can go on a hunt for artifacts. You can craft multiple potions, keys, and various other things in the game itself.

This game has gained a lot of popularity since its launch. Still, the most asked question about the game is What are the Latest Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes 2023? I will offer you the perfect answer to this question in this guide to Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes. First, let us know a bit about the in-game navigations of the Treasure Of Nadia.

In-Game Navigation of Treasure Of Nadia

The following are the in-game navigations which might come in handy whilst playing the game for first-timers:

  • Left mouse button – Action/Movement
  • Right mouse button – Open inventory
  • F2 – Show FPS/MS
  • F3 – Zoom In/Out
  • F4 – Full screen/Windowed mode
  • F5 – Exit to the title screen (Without saving)
  • Z – Action
  • X – Open inventory
  • Arrows, NumPad – Movement

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Location of Treasure Of Nadia

There are numerous exotic locations that will make you fall in love with the game like:

  • Library (Diana)
  • Janet’s Home (Janet, Kaley)
  • Home
  • Estero Park
  • Estero Key (Alia, Naomi)
  • Cemetery
  • Doctor’s Office (Jessica)
  • Full Mast Bar (Tasha)
  • Beach (Valerie)
  • Church (Madalyn)
  • Mansion (Sofia)
  • Parlor (Pricia)
  • Squallmart (Emily)
  • Lighthouse
  • Cave (Clare)

An Updated Guide to Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes

Below is the updated guide to the entire game’s crafting recipes :

Aloe Potion

Aloe Potion Crafting Recipe: Aloe Plant + Shea Butter + Ginseng Plant + Basic Container

Ant Killer

Ant Killer Crafting Recipe: Fossilized Algae, Quartz, Alumina, and also Rusty Key

Bedroom Key

Maca Plant, Aloe plant, A jaguar hair, and The Essence of Key (thanks to Bob)

Blow Dart

Blow Dart Crafting Recipe: Dart, Scorpion Venom, Bamboo, and also Feather

Camera Repair

Camera Repair Crafting Recipe: Broken Camera, Camera Base, Small Screwdriver and also Loose Screws

Casula Temple Key

Casula Temple Key Crafting Recipe: 4 Temple Key Parts

Chest Key

Chest Key Crafting Recipe: Broken Key, Broken Key, Broken Key, and also Broken Key

Chlorine shock

Chlorine shock Crafting Recipe: chlorine, limeston, container, jasmine


Concrete Crafting Recipe: Stone talisman, Fly Ash, White Sand, and also Dolomite

Deadly Whip

Deadly Whip Crafting Recipe: Whip , Poison Thorns, Royal Talisman, Show Glue


Dehumidifier Crafting Recipe: Broken Dehumidifier, Small Screwdriver, Silver ore and also Gold Talisman

God’s Shovel

God’s Shovel Crafting Recipe: God’s Shovel Shaft , God’s Shovel Handle, God’s Shovel Head ,
Talisman of the Gods

Gold Talisman

Gold Talisman Crafting Recipe: Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, and also Gold Ore

Golden Teddie

Golden Teddie Crafting Recipe: Bumpy Candle, Gold Ore, Teddy Bear, and also White Sand

Golden Compass

Golden compass: compass piece + compass piece + compass piece + compass piece

Grand Talisman

Grand Talisman Crafting Recipe: Gold Ore, Gold Ore, Gold Ore, and also False Talisman

Hacking Tool

Hacking Tool Crafting Recipe: Key card, ID Card Writer, System BIOS, Encryption scanner.

Jade Shovel

Jade Shovel Crafting Recipe: Shovel Head, Shovel shaft, Shovel Hadle and also Jade Talisman

Jasmine Massage Oil

Jasmine Massage Oil Crafting Recipe: Jasmine, Rosa Moss, Basic Container and also Love Potion

King Shovel

King’s Shovel: King’s Shovel Handle, King’s Shovel Shaft, King’s Shovel Head, Caulli’s Coin

Loaded Musket

Loaded Musket Crafting Recipe: Cleaning Oil, Old Bullet, Old Musket and also Silver Ore

Metal Ladder

Metal Ladder Crafting recipe: Ladder Segment x3 ,Silver ore

Mystical Gas Mask

Mystical Gas Mask Crafting recipe: Painter’s Mask, Fly ash, Super Goggles, Grand Talisman


NitroGlycerin Crafting recipe: Soap, Nitric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Basic Container

Penetrating Oil

Penetrating Oil Crafting Recipe: Nail Polish Remover , Aloe Plant , Transmission Fluid , Basic Container


Pickaxe Crafting Recipe: Wrench Grip, Gaffer Tape, Grappling Hook and also Pipe Wrench

Pirate Key

The Pirate Key Crafting Recipe: Pirate Medallion, Grand Talisman, Broken Key and also Broken Key

Pirate Shovel

Pirate Shovel Crafting Recipe: Cursed Shovel, Pirate Medallion, Jade Talisman and also Gold Talisman

Rat Trap

Rat Trap Crafting Recipe: Plastic Wrap, Gaffer Tape, Roach and also Basic Container

Rock Bomb

Rock Bomb Crafting Recipe: Nitroglycerin, Basic Container, Silver Talisman and also Jade Talisman

Rope Ladder

Rope Ladder Crafting Recipe: Knot Tying Guide + Tiny Rope x3

Royal Talisman

Royal Talisman Crafting Recipe: Grand Talisman x3 + Caulli’s Coin

Silver Talisman

Silver Talisman Crafting Recipe: Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, and also Silver Ore

Stompin’ Boots

Stompin’ Boots Crafting Recipe: Leather Gloves, Shoelaces, Damaged Boots and also Shoe Glue

Swift Shovel

Swift Shovel Crafting Recipe: Alloy Shovel Hand, Ultra Shovel Hand, Carbon Shovel Shaft and also Silver Talisman

Tomb Key

Tomb Key Crafting Recipe: Tomb Key Segment x3 + Tikpak Artifact

x3 Kam Page

x3 Kam Page Crafting Recipe: 2x Torn Page of the same color + 2x Talisman of the gods

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