Warframe Incarnon Weapon Tier List (February 2024)

Hi guys! Are you a Warframe player searching for the best Incarnon weapons? Don’t worry, we are with the Warframe Incarnon Weapon Tier List.

Incarnon weapons are a new type of weapon introduced in the Duviri Paradox update. They are powerful and versatile and can be customized to suit your playstyle. However, with so many different Incarnon weapons to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best.

That’s why we’ve created this tier list, to rank the best Incarnon weapons in Warframe. This list is based on the weapons’ overall performance, including damage, range, accuracy, and utility.

S Tier

  • Laetum
  • Ceramic Dagger
  • Dread
  • Paris
  • Lex
  • Latron
  • Strun

A Tier

  • Miter
  • Boltor
  • Braton
  • Burston
  • Zylok
  • Atomos
  • Ack & Brunt
  • Furis
  • Vasto
  • Despair
  • Lato
  • Furax
  • Dual Toxocyst
  • Dual Ichor
  • Boar
  • Gammacor

B Tier

  • Felarx
  • Praedos
  • Phenmor
  • Innodem
  • Toxin Corvus
  • Acolyte
  • Pyrana Prime
  • Redeemer Prime
  • Corinth Prime
  • Tenet Arca Plasmor
  • Tenet Envoy
  • Tenet Cyclecron

C Tier

  • Lenz
  • Drakgoon
  • Baza Prime
  • Tenet Plinx
  • Tenet Detron
  • Tenet Diplos

D Tier

  • Bronco
  • Knell
  • Corinth
  • Scourge
  • Arca Plasmor
  • Envoy
  • Cyclecron


Q: What is the best Incarnon weapon for PvP?

The best Incarnon weapon for PvP is the Laetum. It has a high rate of fire, good damage, and a unique ability that allows it to deal critical hits to enemies who are already damaged.

Q: What is the best Incarnon weapon for grinding?

The best Incarnon weapon for grinding is the Ceramic Dagger. It has a fast attack speed and high damage potential, making it ideal for clearing out large groups of enemies.

Q: How do I get an Incarnon weapon?

Incarnon weapons can be obtained by completing the Duviri Paradox story missions. Once you have completed the missions, you will be able to purchase Incarnon weapons from the Market.


So that’s all in this article, we have made a general tier list, and the best Incarnon weapon for you will ultimately depend on your playstyle and preferences. Experiment with different weapons to find what works best for you.

We hope this article has been helpful! Good luck in your Warframe adventures!

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