Whats The Max Item Power in Diablo 4?

Leveling up in Diablo 4 is one of the most important tasks for Players! There are certain ways to level up your gears by killing enemies, completing quests, running dungeons, and completing events, this slowly fills up the XP.

In Diablo 4, Item Power (IP) is a measure of the overall strength of an item. It is determined by a number of factors, including the item’s rarity, affix rolls, and level. IP can range from 1 at low levels to over 725 at the top levels.

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Item Breakpoints

There are six total IP breakpoints in Diablo 4. At each new breakpoint, your armor or weapon’s stats will see a significant increase in all of its stats and aspects. The higher you climb, the more powerful your gear will be. Below are all six breakpoints:

  • IP 1 – 149
  • IP 150 – 339
  • IP 340 – 459
  • IP 460 – 624
  • IP 625 – 724
  • IP 725 and beyond

The Highest Item Power

The highest reported IP in Diablo 4 is currently in the 840-850 range. These items have been found in Very Rare Monsters and in Helltides, although they could drop in other places. It is possible that the max IP is even higher than this, but it has not yet been confirmed.

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How to Get High IP Items

As we have mentioned earlier, you can also level up the Items, so there are a few ways to get high IP items in Diablo 4.

One way is to simply play the game and loot as many items as you can. The higher your character level, the higher the IP of the items you will find. You can also increase your chances of finding high IP items by playing on higher difficulties and completing endgame content.

Another way to get high IP items is to upgrade them at the Blacksmith. Upgrading an item increases its IP by +5 each time. If you have an item that is close to a breakpoint, you can upgrade it to reach the next breakpoint. This can give you a significant boost in power.


The max Item Power in Diablo 4 is currently unknown, but it is believed to be in the 840-850 range. There are a few ways to get high IP items, including playing the game on higher difficulties, completing endgame content, and upgrading items at the Blacksmith.

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