Stepwise Guide to the Ultimate Xbox Resolver (2024)

Xbox has over 72 million players all over the world. As I am writing this article there might be furthermore increasing in the number of users of this device. The Xbox One players get highly confused by their ever-changing game interfaces and gamer tags.

The Xbox team is constantly out there rolling out Xbox One Gamertags. In this scenario, the Xbox One Gamertag Resolver comes in handy. This tool helps the player to find their Gamertag and also the corresponding Gamertag ID as well.

This is a very cool interface. There is one catch, the player must know the exact way to solve his problem. So, don’t you worry dear player we, in this article, will resolve all your queries, and we will show a Stepwise Guide to the Ultimate Xbox Resolver.

Guide to the Ultimate Xbox Resolver

This Stepwise Guide to the Ultimate Xbox Resolver will give you total clarity about the entire confusion faced by Xbox One Players.

Step 1: Locate the Xbox Resolver Website

Xbox Resolver is an IP resolver enabled only to resolve Xbox Gamer tags and locate gamers’ IP addresses on Xbox Live. Hence, it resolves the IP address and designates it to the appropriate gamer tag and vice versa.

Step 2: Appropriate Use of the Xbox Resolver Website

The Xbox One Gamertag Resolver is a pretty useful and potent tool that helps the player to search for the gamer tag of the respective Xbox One player. This Resolver has some pretty interesting uses one can search for Xbox One players by feeding in a Gamertag manually.

It also facilitates finding a player’s Xbox Live Status, and their Xbox Live Gamerscore. So, one can check their Xbox Live Gamerscore Leaderboard as well. This is basically to see how well these players are doing compared to the rest of the Xbox Live community.

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Step 3: Finding out your Gamer Tag ID on the Ultimate Xbox Resolver Website

One important thing in this Stepwise Guide to the Ultimate Xbox Resolver is to appropriately locate your Gamer ID Tag. The Ultimate Xbox Resolver can assist you in finding or locating your Gamertag ID in a few ways. These are :

  • It can find your Gamertag ID by searching high and low for your Gamertag ID.
  • It can also use your Gamertag ID to locate your Xbox Live ID.
  •  If by chance someone changes your gamer ID you can use this app to locate your Xbox profile and change your Gamertag back into your previous one.

Benefits of the Ultimate Xbox Resolver

There are certain benefits of the Ultimate Xbox Resolver. They are:

  • Through this application, they have helped the users to view their activity stream very simply. So, the users are quite happy with their new Xbox user interface.
  • The app now consists of a feature for socializing with friends while playing. Therefore, this facilitates the customers to build a rapport with their pals while playing the game.
  • Through this app, Users can organize their parties and even save their Game DVR video so that they can check on their progress later.
  • With the help of the Ultimate Xbox Resolver, browsing One Guide is a lot easier for consumers.
  • They’ve also simplified the entire process of using this app as a remote control for consumers. Well, yes you read it right! Now you can control your game remotely.

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So, I have hopefully cleared up all your doubts about the New and Ultimate Xbox Resolver. So, I hope you have liked my article as well… Show us some love by following us at and reading more articles and blogs from our end. Once again, as I say Happy Gaming y’all!

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