Zio and the Magic Scrolls Codes Wiki (March 2024)

If games like Zio and the Magic Scrolls are your things, then you have our all guidance to make your gaming level up to the mark. It is an AFK RPG-based game containing features like the traditional AFK game strategy, combats fought with heroes, gods, dragons, etc. To achieve all these, you need to have enough in-game currency to buy items and stuff because you always run out of in-game goodies.

But, if you do not have enough cash then you must opt for the Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes. You must know that our guide covers all the necessary information regarding the codes, including some latest available codes as well.

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List of Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes

Active codes:


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How to redeem Zio and The Magic Scrolls codes?

  1. Download Zio and The Magic Scrolls and open your gaming account.
  2. Look for the settings and then to the promo code redemption center here
  3. Input the available coupon code you have and click on the register coupon button.
  4. Now enter the nickname (Go to your game and find the nickname in your profile)
  5. Click on the Register Coupon option and head back to the in-game mailbox to obtain your rewards.

How to use Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes?

  •  You can use the codes in the Scroll shop named ‘Madonna’ to buy items like character accessories, outfits, weapons, pets, designer clothes, and so on.
  • The codes can be used for different purposes in ‘Lucas’ Lab’ where you can do research on magic.
  • players can use the codes in ‘Magic Guild’, ‘Mage’s Tower’, or ‘Duel Circle’ for diverse purposes. And without these codes, the task in these areas will be difficult to accomplish.

How to get more Zio and The Magic Scrolls Codes?

You can find some more Codes of Zio and The Magic Scrolls on the social media pages of the game. So, we would suggest you like all the pages and accounts on Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Discord etc.

The developers often publish the codes on special occasions. Also, they conduct contests where winners can get a chance to win free gift codes. You also must watch the live stream of popular gamers on YouTube. There they provide free gift codes for several games.

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These codes will help you in your journey throughout the game. So, if you are looking for Zio and the Magic Scrolls Codes, then all the information mentioned above is for you. From getting the codes to redeeming them, we have got your back.

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