Animal Crossing Island Names – Best Name Ideas 2024

Animal Crossing Nintendo video game has recently become very popular among the players. Many gamers now consider Isabelle from Animal Crossing to be a friend, and they like having their own islands in the game. So, it is crucial to give your well-earned islands amazing nicknames. Many gamers spend a significant amount of time choosing their Animal Crossing Island Names.

Players can design their own island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The name of a player’s island is one of the more important choices they must make. One of the various ways in which players in ACNH can use their imagination is by naming an island.

List of Animal Crossing Island Names

New Horizons are subject to several limitations. The name is limited to 10 characters, without counting spaces or other special characters. Without forcing players to restart the game, a name cannot be changed once it has been decided. A few outstanding names that you’re able to immediately keep are listed below.

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50 Animal Crossing Island Names

1. WinterFall

2. Kingslanding

3. Serenity Land

4. Castaway

5. Madagascar

6. Hogwarts

7. Arkham

8. GothamCity

9. North Pole or South Pole

10. Port Moody

11. Sharks Warf

12. Old Gotham

13. Smallville

14. Hobbiton

15. Edoras

16. Lake Town

17. Ariel City

18. Star City

19. Lian Yu

20. Neverland

21. LOST

22. Paradise

23. Bermuda Triangle

24. World’s Edge

25. Miss Isle

26. Wuhu Island

27. Melemele Island

28. Mega City (The Matrix)

29. Omashu (The Last Airbender)

30. Shell City (Spongebob)

31. Zootopia (Zootopia)

32. Akala Island

33. Ula’Ula Island

34. Pony Island

35. Nintenland

36. Delfino Isle

37. Ireland

38. Azkaban Island

39. Koholint Island

40. Lavalava Island

41. Mallet Island

42. Sanity Island

43. Cinnabar Island

44. Yoshi’s Island

45. Dragon Roost Island

46. Forsaken Fortress

47. Johto

48. Karamja

49. the Isle of Manimals

50. Balamb Island

In terms of giving your island a name, you have to be quite creative and think of something extraordinary. Use names such as the lands from Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings etc. While giving it a name, most movies feature a distinctive backdrop. The activities you appreciate in life might serve as some of your best sources of inspiration.

You may even give your island a famous person’s name or the name of one of your favourite performers. Alternatively, you might create the name of your own island using an online creator. Just keep in mind that it must contain more than 10 letters; otherwise, you risk using the words “isle” or “town.”

A name that is based on his passions or is oriented around a particular style could also be created with the help of an online name maker. 

How To Rename Island in Animal Crossing Island?

New Horizons does not allow you to rename your island. When you initially begin the game, a warning will appear regarding this. So before you start your adventure, be certain the name is exactly what you want.

So, search or create the name you want and be sure of it. And then save it as your permanent island name.


New Horizons by Animal Crossing has been available for more than two years. As many players continue their games, they are in need of new Animal crossing island names. There are numerous options available to players for keeping the mood light or steering the match in a hilarious direction. Unfortunately, a player’s ability to be creative with their island name is restricted to just 10 characters; ideally, the next game will offer more character customization possibilities.

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