Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Lag Fix – 60FPS/Smooth Extreme

Want to fix lag in Battlegrounds mobile India? If yes then you are in the right place. Battleground mobile reintroduced a version of the PUBG mobile by Krafton with lots of new entities, weapons, graphics, and gameplay bringing a whole new experience for mobile users of the Player Unknown battleground series.

PUBG has dynamic gameplay with console-quality HD gaming on your phone with customizable controls, voice and text chat, and thrilling 3D graphics and sound. You experience action-packed gameplay with the Battlegrounds mobile India.

So basically we are going to guide you on how to fix the lag or reduce the frame drops in the Battlegrounds mobile India. In this article, we will be discussing the Battlegrounds mobile India lag fix on different devices.

We are considering three different ranges of devices. So you just need to stick to this article to get some valuable information and try to share this information with your friends. And we will keep updating this article if new solutions come up for the Lag fix and Frame Drops.

What are the Different Ranges of Devices?

  • High-End Devices
  • Mid-Range Device
  • Low-End Devices

Above are the different ranges of devices and we are going to discuss this device’s reasons for lag and how to fix that issue. Below we are giving information about LG fixes so stick to the article. Make sure that your device comes under which categories mentioned above.

How Do You Fix Lag in your Device?

Below are different categories and their issues regarding lag and frame drops. So go through this section accordingly to get valuable information.

High-End Device Lag Issue

There is a myth that most gamers and people think that High-End devices never lag. There are many reasons for the lag that happens in High-End devices. Reasons Mention Below-

  • Insufficient Space in the device.
  • Less Battery
  • High Temperature

Usually, in a high-end device, there is a major issue with storage. Because in this device’s space consumption speed is very much high because of the latest features and their data. And other two issues are Fewer Batteries and High Temperature. It is advised that you should play on a decent battery.

Usually in androids, After 10% of battery frame drop increases. The same thigh is with Temperature, You should play in cold temperatures because while playing the game on Mobile devices, the Device’s temperature gets high so to maintain balance you should play at a low temperature.

Mid-Range Device Lag issue

The majority of gamers in the country prefer to use Mid-range devices because it is bought friendly and value for money. But is also true that Mid-range devices are not so capable to manage the game like Battlegrounds Mobile India. So below are the reasons for the lags and Frame Drops-

  • Mid-range Processors
  • Low optimization of games
  • Battery
  • Display Frame Rate
  • Temperature
  • Less Storage

As per the above reason I want to tell you that the main reasons are the Processor of the device and the Optimization of the game. Because in some cases game freely runs on these devices without lag depending upon how the game is optimized for your device. And the other reasons are not so major issues you just need to keep in mind that your Battery is more than 50% (As we prefer). And maintain the temperature of your surroundings and manage the storage of your device so that game runs freely without lag and frame drops. And in some cases, it is advised that you should use GFX Tool and Config Files which will boost your device performance comparatively.

Low-End Device Lag issue

So here we come to the Low-end devices. As far as we all know Low-end devices are also preferred by many people because of their low budget. many devices in this range are not preferable for gaming. Below are the reasons for the lags in these devices-

  • Low-End Processors
  • Less optimization
  • Display Frame Rate
  • Temperature
  • Less Storage
  • Battery

So, for the above reasons, we can say that low-end is surely not preferred for gaming. On these devices, games are Less optimized in this devices. And the Processors of these devices are also not made for gaming. Maintain the Temperature, Storage and, Battery. So to fix the lag, it is advisable to use GFX Tools and Config Files (It is a must).

A few things you have to keep in mind are that play on the front coolers or below the fans and if possible then play the game when Air Conditioner is on. Clear your caches before playing the game. Make your device that should run only games while playing this will help to complete the optimization of your ram. Not a single app should run in the background. From time to time scan your storage and remove waste storage, data and caches.

Basic Things to Reduce Lag For All devices

  • Free RAM unnecessary usage.
  • Charge your phone before playing and avoid playing while charging.
  • Try to avoid playing at High Temperatures.
  • Use GFX Tools and Config Files.
  • Manage your device Storage.


As for your ease, we have researched and mentioned some major issues with Tags and Frame Drops. So in Brief, We have discussed lag issues while playing Battlegrounds mobile India on different devices and their solution that how to fix it.

In the end, we have mentioned the common things for all the devices to keep in mind while playing games. We hope that you liked the article and collect some valuable information from us. And if you have friends who were suffering from the lag issue in the games so share him/her to help them.

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