Convert PVU to PHP: Plant vs. Undead Calculator (February 2024)

Plant Vs Undead is one of the most loved games played in the Philippines. Many players call it the recreation game of Plants vs Zombies. If you’ve already been a part of Plants vs Zombies, you will not have any issues playing Plant Vs Undead because the gameplay is very similar to the previous game.

For the uninitiated, Plant Vs Undead needs players to construct an army of flowers in their garden to defeat zombies. If you’re interested in learning how to play this game, follow the link below for the latest information on Plant Vs Undead basic tricks and tips. We have mentioned previously that the game is extremely loved in the Philippines Fans want to learn everything about it.

This article will provide all the details regarding PVU to PHP converters and what it does, such as its purpose and how you can use it, and much more. If you’re interested in knowing everything you can concerning PVU conversion to PHP converter, continue this article.

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What is PVU to PHP?

There are various reasons for the rising popularity behind the popularity of PVU; among them is that it has a wealth of rewards that can be traded on the game’s marketplace and various exchanges to FIAT and other cryptocurrencies. As of the writing of this article, the PVU to PHP exchange rate stands at P6.10 and has declined by -2.3 per cent in the past 24 hours.

To convert PVU to PHP and check the current conversion rate, we suggest going to When you go to the website, just input the amount of PVU and choose the desired currency.

How do you differentiate between Plant and. as well as PVU Token?

In the game Plant Vs Undead, developers introduced new digital coins, PVU Token or Coin, within the Cryptocurrency market. Players can reap cash in various game modes with these coins and tokens.

How To Purchase PVU Tokens?

To purchase PVU Toke, you’ll need to possess one Bitcoin (BTC) and one Ethereum (ETH) for trading purposes. For those who aren’t aware, you aren’t able to buy PVU coins or tokenize them using cash. If you’ve not yet bought PVU coins or tokens and are looking to purchase these right now, follow these steps:

  • Install the MetaMask wallet on your mobile or PC from the official website.
  • Once it is installed Once installed, connect it after installation, join it after installation, and connect it to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network on which PVU is running.
  • To connect the network, you’ll have to go to Settings and create an additional network using the details:
  • You will now require BNB to exchange PVU tokens for payment for transactions.
  • If you’ve successfully purchased BNB, the funds can be withdrawn from BNB with the MetaMask wallet for a small cost.
  • You can trade your BNB to PVU coins or tokens through PancakeSwap.
  • If you are not getting any option to convert BNB into PVU then you must use this address: 0x31471e0791fcdbe82fbf4c44943255e923f1b794
  • If you’re still missing PVU tokens in the MetaMask wallet, you’ll need to change the settings for tokens.
  • Within the Token settings, you’ll be required to click “MetaMask” and then choose the option of ‘Custom Token’.
  • Here’s the PVU token address that you will have to use: 0x31471e0791fcdbe82fbf4c44943255e923f1b794

How to Buy seeds and Lands for Plants vs Undead (PVU)

Purchase of seeds and lands in Plant vs Undead is straightforward. Anyone who isn’t familiar with the procedure must follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Marketplace website by clicking the hyperlink.
  • Whenever you have signed in, you can add reserves.
  • After adding it, you’ll be able to buy seeds, plants, and seeds with the PVU token or BNB tokens.
  • In addition to these items, you can purchase other things within the game by clicking on the tab ‘New Offering.
  • This is all you should know about PVU for PHP.


If you’re the proud owner of PVU tokens, you must look at this post as you’ll discover the latest PVU price in PHP and additional details. We have talked about most of the coins on the market, showing how much the price will go up for the cash. Investors are eager to know about the coin’s status on the market and earn an enormous amount.

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