Top 10 Easiest Pokemon to Draw: A Handpicked List with Guide

Do you want to draw pokemon? Well, the best decision is to start drawing with your favourite characters. There are many cute pokemon to draw. Here, we’ll give you a hand-picked list of the Top 10 easiest pokemon to draw. So, let’s get started.

1. Voltorb and Electrode

This round ball-shaped Pokemon is the easiest one to start. You just need to draw a round shape and then the other features. Like basic anime-style eyes that are very easy to draw. Afterwards, you add Red and White colours. They poke balls with anime-style faces.

2. Luvdisc

What should be easier to draw than a heart shape?

Luvdisc is also a cute pokemon to draw. It’s also an easy pokemon to start with. It’s shaped like a heart and has a small cute face. This pokemon first showed in the R/S/E games. With some hours of practice, you’ll be able to draw.

 3. Ditto

This is another easiest cute pokemon to draw. You can start with this creature too. The look of this pokemon is like pink bubble gum. You just need to draw some wavy lines. To draw the eyes two small dots are enough.

4. Gorebyss

This pokemon is a sea creature. And drawing a fish isn’t hard at all. It might look tricky to you at first. Like the tail area and the peculiar seashell bra cup area. They’re just small details to break down a bit. But believe me, once you figure it out, you’ll never forget it in future.

5. Jigglypuff

This pokemon’s look is slightly similar to Voltorb and Electrode. Jigglypuff is the singer that helps their audience to sleep. This pokemon is adored by many and is one of the easiest pokemon to draw. It also has small details like wispy hair curls at the top.

6. Goomy

Goomy is also one of the easiest pokemon to draw. This creature has cute features like ears, a face, and other parts. Those are easiest to draw with some colouring. You might have difficulties drawing the body shape. For that, you can apply the ways of Ditto.

7. Spheal

This pokemon is in a bubble shape. Included in this list. Apply the ways of Voltorb and Electrode while drawing. And focus on the other shape to practice.

8. Snorunt

The shape of this pokemon is kind of like an ice cube in a triangle shape. Pretty simple to draw with some colouring. There’s an image you can have a look at to understand.

9. Pikachu

Without Pikachu, the list is not complete. This cute yellow creature is one the easiest pokemon to draw. There will be some difficulties you face because it’s different from others. But constant practice will make you perfect In this.

10. Piplup

This duck kind of creature is super cute. And also it’s included in the easiest pokemon to draw list. The face area is a bit tricky but doesn’t worry. Just focus on the shapes and practice hard.


We hope that this list of the Top 10 easiest pokemon to draw helps you. If you face difficulties while drawing, don’t be upset. Just keep practising and having fun. Best of luck.

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