Family Island Cheats Guide: Tips & Tricks (July 2024)

Melsoft Games, the makers of the famous Toy Defense series, is back with another visually appealing mobile game. They’re sending us on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the exotic world of tropical islands this time. As the name indicates, Family Island is a game where you must convert an abandoned settlement into a bustling economy. So, to make all these easy, you need to have Family Island Cheats.

In any case, there is something else to Family Island besides what might be expected. In reality, the game is full of unexpected twists and turns! First and foremost, you will feel a genuine connection with Bruce, Eva, and their children due to the engaging tale. As a consequence, you’ll feel compelled to assist them. It must be your lucky day since our Family Island cheats, hacks, techniques and hints will walk you through every game aspect. So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s get right into our Family Island beginner’s guide.

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What are Family Island cheats and Guides?

You must finish the characters’ tasks on the left side of the screen in the Family Island game. As you spend them, the game pays you with precious goodies like stars/EXP, energy, rubies, etc. As you progress through the game, additional buildings and decorations become available for purchase in the market.

Each structure gives a particular service to the family; for example, you may prepare the recipes over the campfire. To get all these you need to have the Family Island cheats. With the cheats, you will find it easier to upgrade your gaming level very fast. Now, let’s look at the guides to the cheat codes which are as follows:

Family Island Cheats: Island Cheat List

  1. At level 8, the Nearby Island opens. The final goal is to rebuild the second hut and start a fire. Serendipity Island is a level 10 unlockable island. Last but not least, construct a bridge to the island’s left side. Sun Island is unlocked when you reach level 12.
  2. Transport the statue to the home island and install it. At level 14, Lilac Island becomes available. Last but not least, remove all the blossoming trees and replace them with a magnolia from the decorations on the home island. At level 17, Bouncy Island becomes available. The last mission is to get the statue and return it to the country.
  3. At level 20, Red Island becomes available. At level 23, Forest Island becomes available. Level 23 of the Lost Island. The last mission is to return to the pyramid. Level 31 on the Island of Trees. The final assignment is to get the fountain and return it to the home island. At level 33, Storm Island becomes available. The last task is to get the totem and return it to the home island. Build the pyramid on the home island on level 35 of Mysterious Island. Level 43, demolish the ancient cottage and grab the lever on Invention Island. Iron Island: reach level 45, collect iron ore and return to your home island.

Family Island Cheats: Premium Resource Cheat List

cheats Family island
  • Ash – obtained from Shaman through trade
  • Button – trade with Shaman
  • Lapis Lazuli – traded with the merchant, cut down bluestone rocks, and blue ore rock.
  • Candle – trade with Shaman, chests, huts, fire pits
  • Torch – trade with shaman, foundations, bins, houses, 3-saw trees
  • Feathers – hens and roasters, the chicken statue
  • Amber & Emerald – cut down the rocks; stone, and clay, trade with the merchant
  • Skull: foundations, chests, fire pots, or work with the shaman
  • iStone; foundations, bins, fire pots, or work with the shaman
  • Family Island Cheats: Rare Resource Cheat List
  • Get claws: offerings from shamans when you achieve a chain of demands or from thorns on islands.
  • Get gold keys: Do vendor orders.
  • Get candles: Do orders for Shaman, from the chests, gifts
  • Get grass: reload on islands often, plant roots or corn; chances to get grass.
  • Get seashells: from the facility by completing the orders for the merchant, from chests and starfish, and sandbox, available at level 13
  • Get salt: complete orders for Shaman, from chests or starfish(low chances), gift packs
  • Get fir cones: grow on fir trees
  • Get clay: replenish on the home island every now and then
  • Get acid: from poisonous plants – sun island
  • Get magic 8 ball: complete orders for Shaman from an abandoned hut
  • Get resin: produced in the foundry

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You may, for example, purchase a wide range of décor and accessories. From flowers to lighthouses, the Family Island has a wide variety of exciting stuff. By dispersing them about the hamlet, you will increase morale and perhaps earn some energy points. This concludes our Family Island cheats. We hope you’ve found these hints and helpful advice. 

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