Free Fire Config File for AUTO HEADSHOT, AIMBOT & LAG FIX (July 2024)

The most awaited update in the Free Fire has finally arrived, and it is the Free fire headshot config along with Aimassit. The new configuration will work on all the available versions of Free fire and work on Free Fire Max. This version is specially optimized for low-end devices, and it will be helpful for those who have limited specs smartphones. The Free fire headshot config works 100% fine and has no issues.

What’s new in the Free Fire Headshot Config Version?

The new Free Fire headshot config will increase the accuracy of Aimassist by up to 50%, and it will also calibrate the Auto headshot with more accuracy. If you haven’t updated your Free Fire, then do it as soon as possible to enable better performance and experience in the game by unlocking the Free fire headshot config.

Free Fire aimbot config has been tested in Redmi Note 5, and it’s working great. The Auto headshot option is functioning without any issues. You can even try this new config on your device to find out the specialities and changes it has brought to the game.

In addition, you must be aware that your device supports at least a 60Hz screen refresh rate if you are looking forward to using the Auto headshot feature in the new version of the Free fire headshot config.  

Download & Install Free Fire Headshot Config

First of all, if you are using a device with Android 11 or Android 10, you need to follow the following process. Here, you need to download Z Archiver on your device.

  • Download the Free fire headshot config from the official site or download it from the given link.
  • After completion of the download, extract the Free fire headshot config with the help of Z Archiver.
  • Now open the extractor and Click on the “BNL RED NUMBER AIMBOT CONFIG” file and open it Long click on Config File and press on the Copy option.
  • Then Go to Device Internal Storage > Data > Com.dts.freefireth > File > Contentcache > compulsory > android > gameassetbundle > Config and Paste the copied file.
  • Then navigate to the Free Fire game on your smartphone and then click on it to check how it works. This method works proficiently and flawlessly on several devices.


The new AimBot and Free fire headshot config seem promising because it will pave the way for new gamers to enhance their proficiency in aiming. AimBot will make you get headshots and never miss your target.

The configuration of the AimBot design ensures there is no visible difference from the human player, but it will shoot more often than regular players. We hope this required information furnishes your doubts about the new Headshot config for Free Fire. For more info regarding this or other updates, stay tuned with us.

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