Top 5 Friday Night Funkin Characters (July 2024)

Friday Night Funkin’ is an open-source song game. It was created in 2020 in a game jam. This game draws inspiration from games like ‘PaRappa the Rapper’, ‘Dance Dance Revolution, and ‘Flash Games. There are many Friday Night Funkin characters in the game.

For example, the player character, Boyfriend, must beat a variety of characters in singing and rapping competitions in order to continue dating his love interest, Girlfriend. The game revolves around hitting notes with timed inputs while avoiding exhaustion for the duration of the song.

In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 Friday Night Funkin characters. Go through the entire article to learn more about the characters.

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Top 5 Characters in Friday Night Funkin

1. Pico

Pico can be said to be the coolest kid character on FNF. He battles and won against an alien all alone, who was trying to destroy every human on the planet. His character has been around for a very long time. Truth be told, Pico has been in the gaming world for more than two decades. He also has a game specifically made for him. Tom Fulp is the creator who made the games like Pico’s School, Pico vs Uberkids, etc.

Pico is said to be a very reliable character. He is also the only character out of all eight other students, who treated an apple. Although he is not a playable Friday Night Funkin character, his popularity is off the charts.

2. Boyfriend

Boyfriend, a midget, blue-haired guy, who is exceedingly talented. He is the protagonist and also the only playable character in the game. Boyfriend has one of the most compassionate personalities in the game. No matter how disadvantageous the situation gets for him, he has an aptness to protect his Girlfriend regardless of the circumstances.

He may very well be inspiring a lot of guys by going to extreme lengths to maintain and keep the relationship with his Girlfriend. He always goes on quests with his Girlfriend and frequently runs into threatening situations without being aware. 

3. Tankman

Tankman is a character who loves to rap. Upon catching both Boyfriend and his Girlfriend in the desert, instead of taking their lives, he took Girlfriend as a hostage and challenges Boyfriend to a rap battle. It seems his love towards rap keeps him alive.

The lyrics in his rap are absolutely hilarious. If you lose a battle against him, he will squander you with relentless and hilarious curses. He has his own army, which is pretty cool. His underlings always obey him, which kind of proves his greatness as a leader. This is one of the most popular Friday Night Funkin characters.

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4. Girlfriend

 A girlfriend is a beautiful character with a mischievous side. She could potentially be harmful, but that is one of the very reasons that make her prettier and more adorable. It pushes you to work harder to keep her forever. My girlfriend is a cute demon. She seems and acts like a lovely human, but she is actually a demon by birth.

5. Mommy Mearest

Mommy Mearest is the mother of the Girlfriend in Friday Night Funkin’. She is, like most mothers, very controlling and overprotective of her daughter. It’s easy to dislike her due to her constant meddling in her Boyfriend and Girlfriend’s relationship. But it’s natural that she’s only anxious about her daughter’s well-being.

Due to her overprotectiveness, she frequently engages her Boyfriend in rap battles. She loses all of them, but her voice is pretty seraphic, despite being a demon. She is one of the most playable Friday Night Funkin characters.

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