How Much Time I Have Wasted on LOL?

The League of Legends (LoL) began 12 years ago. It is essentially a team-based strategy game that allows two teams of five powerful champions to combat one another. This is done to destroy each other’s bases. Well, What’s even better! This game allows a player to choose from over 140 champions for epic plays. Bypass all the obstacles to win the game.

Though this game is enjoyable, you will feel quite relaxed after playing it. However, playing this game can make you lose a lot of time. So, Here are some methods to find out How Much Time have you spent on LoL? I will let you know about that in this article itself. So, let us begin discussing finally this topic!

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The How to Guide on How Much Time have you spent on LoL?

To begin with, Riot does allow you to see how much time you spent on LoL this season. This also means that it only reflects your ranked hours. There are a number of methods to do this:

1. LOL Game Port Query

To know what amount of time you have wasted on LOL, just go to the “Stats” TAB of the game interface. However, it does not take into account the data before 2018.

Step 1: Run the game on your PC.

Step 2: Instead of going straight ahead for a match, click your profile tab.

Step 3: Then, go to the “Stats” tab on this menu.

Step 4: On your bottom left, just under the number of Games Played, you will see the number of ranked hours played during the current season. That is how you can calculate the time you have spent playing the game.

2. Wasted on LOL

This is a third-party app which will show you how much time you have spent on the game directly. You only have to follow certain steps!

Step 1: Go to, after that enter your summoner’s name

Step 2: Then, You can notice on the right side of that tab option there is an option to select your region.

Step 3: Click on the “How much time I wasted on LoL” button below and there it is!

Based on this app’s data you will see how many hours you have spent playing League of Legends.

The results will be shown in days, minutes, and hours, also you will see your ranking position in your region and in the world

3. Game Record Query

This is another third-party app which lets you check How Much Time have you spent on LoL?

Step 1: Open the website at Just go and directly copy-paste this on your browser.

Step 2: Enter your LOL username in the search bar. Also, if you have searched for another summoner, it will show in the recent search or favourites.

Step 3: It will redirect to another page, and you will see your profile’s avatar. Click on “ How many hours did your play LOL?”

Step 4: It will redirect to another page that you can check to see the amount of time you have used. You will also get an alternative of what else you would have done using that time.

How Much Time have you spent on LoL Actually?

According to statistics which are often released by Riot Games, an average League of Legends player spends 832 hours on the game. This translates to almost 35 days straight. These stats show the game is immensely popular and is played by most veteran players. The stats course includes the new player’s data as well. So, What are you guys waiting for? Open your PCs and start playing LoL!

Let’s meet pretty soon. Till then, Follow Us Keep Calm and Keep Gaming Mostly!

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