Make Money By Playing PUBG Mobile

How to Earn & Make Money by Playing PUBG Mobile (2024)

If you searching for the best ways to earn money by playing PUBG mobile then this article might help you kickstart your process to make money from PUBG mobile.

PUBG Mobile is a game that brought good potential for many youngsters to make their careers in the gaming field. Apart from professional players, there are lots of different ways to earn money just by playing PUBG mobile.

In this article, we will share all the methods that players often use to make money. Before telling you the ways, make sure you don’t exploit the ways by indulging in any unfair means.

Methods to Earn Money by Playing PUBG Mobile

While there are many methods to make money from PUBG mobile, some are legal and others are illegal and quite fishy as well. In this post, we will cover all the legitimate ways to earn money.

Playing Tournaments

If you have got some real skills and want to showcase your skills then playing tournaments is the best way to make money by playing PUBG mobile. There are lots of websites that organize paid tournaments and scrims.

Upon winning the tournament the winner would get UC or cash money as a prize. This is the best way to earn money for those who have good skill, aim, and reflexes and are competitive with good players.

YouTube Channel

No doubt, YouTube is one of the best ways to earn money especially when it comes to gaming. There are many streamers on YouTube earning huge amounts of money, some of the streamers are Scout, Dynamo, Mortal, and many others.

YouTube has the second largest user base and it gives you wide opportunities to play games, interact with other people, and earn money.

You can use YouTube channels for content creation like montages, tips and tricks, guides, and how-tos. You will get fame and money from YouTube but to reach such a level, you have to dedicate yourself and present your content in a unique way to be differentiated from others.

PUBG Mobile Partner

If you have a YouTube channel with a good amount of user base then you can become a PUBG mobile partner which will help you get to know more content creators and earn money from Sponsorships and paid promotions. This is not for all, this method is for those who have not monetized their YouTube channel from the advertisement.

eSports Player

This is the dream of every PUBG mobile to represent their country at the global level and Esports help you do that. If you have some seriously whelmed gameplay and the coordination between you and your teammates have good coordination skills, and you have got some experience playing competitive scrims with the top players of PUBG mobile then you can try competitive eSports.

Now you ask how to join an esports, it is not as simple as it sounds while playing competitive scrims and tournaments your performance will be evaluated and if your performance is excellent and consistent then there are high chances of you being recognized by the esports organization and they will hire you as eSPorts player for a particular game, in this case, PUBG mobile.

PUBG Mobile Coach

If you have gained experience in the field of esports or competing against the top players like rotations, how to improve gunfire, etc. then you become a PUBG mobile coach by applying to an esports organization that needs to be guided in the competitive scenario.

Final Words

We have discussed the best ways to earn money from PUBG mobile, well these methods can be sustained for a long if you are dedicated and have an interest in the gaming field. Share the article with your friends and share how they can also make money from PUBG mobile.

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