How to Increase FD in BGMI (June 2024)

Getting trolled because of your FD in BGMI? Then you should these tricks to increase your FD ratio. In this article, we are going to mention some of the tips to get help to increase your FD ratio. Basically, you just need to go through this article until the end to avoid skipping any important points.

What Is FD Ratio in BGMI?

The full form of FD is Finish per Death Overall the scenario is that the FD ratio is an average point of the number of finishes per match. Game mechanics use to calculate the FD ratio in terms of the no. of the match. You can also easily assume your FD ratio after every match.

Is It Necessary To Have Higher FD in BGMI?

No, the FD ratio is a decimal number that shows the number of defeats per match. This number doesn’t show your overall gameplay but many players use to prefer to have a higher FD ratio because to wanted to represent themself as professional players.

NOTE: FD ratio doesn’t show your skill and accuracy, make sure to go through each and every stat like Average damage, Accuracy, and many more states.

How To Increase FD In BGMI?

So, In this section, we are gonna mention some of the methods or you can say tricks to increase your FD ratio in the BGMI. These steps are just probability-based so try as much time as possible.

1. Try To Do Entry Fragging

This is one of the best ways to get more finish points and by which you can increase the FD ratio. But by doing entry fragging you get yourself at a risk to get knocked so it is recommended to rush under your teammate’s cover.

2. Increase your Spotting sense

Spotting sense means trying to increase your sound sense by you can get some proper information about the number of opponents and their positions. Try to play in smooth settings by which will get fewer graphics quality and get better FPS.

3. Play with Randoms or Less Experienced Players

This trick is recommended by me personally because this trick is useful many times. Try to play with new players or randoms reason is that you are faster reflected in your squad which increases the probability of getting more finish points.

4. Use More Utilities

If you are not confident of opponent locations and their position so it is recommended to use utilities like Frag Grenades, Molotov, Flash, and Smokes which will panic the opponents any time you can get opening knocks through these utilities.

5. Be Confident

If you are doing entry fragging, having decent spotting sense, and using utilities but when you are not confident for your next move then you will be struck the majority of times. To increase your confidence you should play Arena which boosts your close-range skills and movements.

Over to you

So here we are with the end of this article, we hope that you really liked this article and you have gathered some useful information. If you are phasing some problems then you can let us know in the comment section our team will reach you as soon as possible.

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