King of Thieves Game Promo Codes (March 2024)

One of the most current games developed by Zepto Labs is King of Thieves. It has millions of fan following all over the world. Several other quality games like Cut The Rope, Cats Crash Arena, and Om Num Run have been given by Zepto Labs, and King of Thieves is another rocking game. To make the game effortless this game offers promo codes such as STAYHOME, and 6THIEVES. This provides the user’s gifts, gems, and several other items to play the game without the headache of resources.  

What is the King of Thieves Promo Codes?

The list mentioned below is the current promo codes of  King of Thieves:

ZQCmk72CQpPerform a magic ritual
2T8KvQH0C210000 gems – cheats
7pMRkLdOpXDon’t waste your time with rituals;
IKcvEDQp6FAnother player has stolen your totem’s gem;
3s3xxskvGIBlades attack 100;
M3y3o4US0oFull hp;
pHxlxHN2VNCheats give 10000 gold;
cRLJWBo6DiUpgrade gold mine;
uYBvCZog3ZLevel up;
wBFROWQ9huTen keys;
K0y4sOkEjyHacks King of Thieves: steal all gems and gold from the player;
AtdsiaPdFyBreak-in free;
7pMrGdXnRx100 keyhole;
srwVNETmMKAlways find the right keyhole to break in;
6KfWkJ3BQZCheats King of Thieves: completing mission;
wa8kHRMnHC1000 exp;
9teYYcnaFDGold mine capacity: 30000;
GzkVjynlz5Hacks King of Thieves: 100 lock pick;
lWK6I8veuiUpgrade lock pick capacity;
ASwrRjEWRXLock pick capacity: 200;
4btleUgTj510000 enhanced gem
m1WwotEI7NIncrease your rank;
kH5QHYtpOOCheats King of Thieves: restore all lock picks;
Bzp5Tu7ou4Set off traps;
GTf44OXD4BTougher sets. More challenging groups provide better defence but cost orbs;
xDXaDk2lscUpgrade all your traps to increase their damage
aHtTJA4nUTHacks King of Thieves: 1000 orbs;
ih69QNS9iyRed guard attack 100;
InaitHg1QfUnlock an additional gem slot;
UhAuaMraU6Speed up ;

This list contains all currently active King of Thieves Promo Codes. The Promo Codes serve various purposes, like obtaining many in-game items free of cost. Coins, Orbs, Gems, and many others are attainable with the help of these Promo codes. But use the codes as soon as possible because these have some particular expiry dates.

How Do I Redeem King of Thieves Promo Codes?

Follow these steps to redeem King of Thieves promo codes:

  1. Head over to King of Thieves after copying the Promo Codes from the above-listed promo codes.
  2. On the right corner of the screen located on the top, you will find a Settings button. Click on it and go to the Promo Codes section.
  3. Paste your code on the “Enter Code” option.
  4. An error message will appear if the code does not work.
  5. All your necessary items associated with the code will be added to your account if your code works.

Where to Find More Promo Codes?

Here are some of the ways how you can find more promo codes:

  1. King of Thieves has a YouTube channel. You can subscribe to that.
  2. You can also follow the King of Thieves Facebook account.
  3. To get regular updates, find promo codes, and converse with the community, you can join their Official King of Thieves Discord Server.


Promo codes allow customers to earn coins, orbs, gems, and many other items. These promo codes will enable you to get different in-game items for free. There are other ways to get gems, such as harvesting the rare gems on the world map or stealing from different players.

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