Koikatsu Party Cards: Download & Install (2023)

Koikatsu is a Japanese adult game created by the Japanese H-game company Illusion in 2019. The genre of the game is dating simulation similar to SchoolMate. So, the main target audience of the game is adults. The game has a story mode that makes the game very engaging and lifelike. The players can create their desired anime characters and participate in the game. One can easily play by their alter-ego.

The main part of the game is creating an anime character. There are loads of options to customize your character from head to toe, outfit to accessories. You can also change your body shape, size and weight.

This game has more than two hundred options to customise the characters in any shape and size. Koikatsu party game does not only offer external customization but also internal customization.

For example, the players can make the character lifelike by giving them their own opinions and preferences of their own. The anime character will respond just the way the gamer would want.

The gamer will have full control over the character’s personality and sexual preferences throughout the course of the play. Controlling in such a way will change her behaviour whenever she interacts with someone or even in erotic situations.

The Koikatsu Party game also includes some mini-games as well. By playing these, players can complete various types of tasks and quests and get unique rewards that might be helpful in customizing the characters

How to Download & Install Koikatsu Party?

Koikatsu Party is one of the fascinating games available for adults. This game is easily accessible. What you have to do, is to download the Steam app on your device.

Then create an account and for this, you will have to be above 18 years old since this is an adult game. After creating the account you can now add the game to your cart. The game is now available for $59.99.

You can also add the game to your wish list to get notified of a further price drop. One can only play this game on a PC. It’s not yet made for PlayStation and Xbox.

How to Download and Install Koikatsu Party 18+ Patch?

Koikatsu Party is no doubt made for adults but due to some rules of Steam, only the censored version of the game is available on Steam. To get the uncensored version, the gamer needs to download the required content straightly from Illusion. Download the developer’s 18+ patch and go to the ‘special patch’ option on the top. After that, the patch will start getting installed on your device. With this patch, you can get access to different types of Koikatsu Party mods. For example:

  • Koikatsu Party VR: With this, players can interact with their anime characters through their VR headsets.
  • The essential HF patch: This refers to the HongFire mod which allows the player to have English translation and other character creation options.

So, if you’re an anime lover and an adult game lover as well, then this game will surely be interesting for you. People all over the world have loved Koikatsu Party.

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