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Are you searching for mobile legends free diamond tricks and how to get them? If yes then you are absolutely in the right place. In this article, we will break down all the tips and tricks involved from insiders to get real diamonds in mobile legends without any annoying surveys. So go through the article and learn new tricks.

We will only share the working methods, we are not gonna share any hacks or anything that circumvents the game mechanic, we would only cover the legit methods that are supported by the official game developers also. So in the end we would share the important message.

Why Diamonds are so important in Mobile Legends?

Diamonds are the main current in Mobile Legends that can be used to unlock items and heroes. Also, diamonds can also be utilised in place of tickets to purchase items and unlock heroes using battle points. Since battle points can be earned from tickets and tickets can be replaced by diamonds.

The main reason for diamonds being one of the most demanded resources in the game is because of their credibility, as earlier we’ve already mentioned that they can be used as a ticket to unlock heroes. Ultimately looking, the diamond is the major and most valuable currency in the game.

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How to Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends?

Since diamonds are so much valuable and in demand, it is not that easy to earn diamonds we look at them, and we will be listing some of the methods you should give a try!

  • Diamonds from Tournaments: If you are absolutely good in the game then playing competitive tournaments can arise a definite chance to win diamonds and real money which in turn can be used to purchase diamonds.
  • Gift: if you have really good social media followers or you are a Youtube streamer then you can get a generous amount of free diamonds. They can gift your items and you will receive them as gifts. The gift is as follows: flower – 2 diamonds, jewellery – 6 diamonds, roadster – 250 diamonds, yacht – 1000 diamonds, aeroplane – 5000 diamonds.
  • Redeem Codes: No douth, redeem codes are the freeways to get exclusive in-game rewards, if you are enough lucky, you can even get free diamonds.
  • Purchase’em: You can also purchase diamonds in the Mobile Legends shop, but we would not suggest this way for players who are not earning from the game. You will be getting more rewards the more you purchase.

As diamonds are very valuable we suggest using them accordingly because saving them is earning too!

Mobile Legends Diamond Price List

  • 50 diamonds (get 5 diamond bonus) – $0.99 (£0.99)
  • 250 diamonds (get 25 diamond bonus) – $4.99 (£4.99)
  • 500 diamonds (get 65 diamond bonus) – $9.99 (£9.99)
  • 1000 diamonds (get 155 diamondbonus) – $19.99 (£19.99)
  • 1500 diamonds (get 265 diamond bonus) – $28.99 (£28.99)
  • 2500 diamonds (get 475 diamond bonus) – $48.99 (£48.99)
  • 5000 diamonds (get 1000 diamond bonus) – $99.99 (£99.99)

All About Mobile Legends Diamond Generator and Hacks

We strongly recommend you stay away from generators and hacks, we have seen a large number of generators and scams going on the internet in the name of diamond generators and hacks. The appearance of the generators looks very authentic and appealing and so people fall into the trap of these scams.

They are basically scripts that make you do annoying surveys and promise you to give free diamonds upon completing certain surveys but end up getting scammed and having an endless loading screen.

So there are only a few legit and working ways to get free diamonds and we have listed them all for you!

If you find this article, share it with your friends and tell’em the ways to get free diamonds.

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