Project QT Gift Codes List (May 2024)

Project QT is an anime-enlivened Puzzle RPG-style portable game created by cDNA and distributed by Nataku. The game is well-known due to the fantastic and detailed characters featured in the game. In this article, we’ve collected an inventory of all Project QT Codes.

Project QT has been a massive success because of those who participate in the games. The characters are dressed in a lack of clothing, making players more enticed by the game.

What are Project QT Codes?

Project QT is a lewd video game that combines puzzle-based game mechanics and RPG combat based on turns. The game’s story starts with an experiment that involves a black opening in the Arctic that caused the rift and released a mysterious space virus that could wipe out the human race.

As a gamer, your task is to form an army of sexually attractive monsters and make them fight alongside you to fight the evil virus which has spread throughout the globe.

Project QT sure brings steamy artwork, and the rarity feature is exclusive. It offers a variety of powerful girls who can be awarded gifts, and this is a great idea, particularly if you want to improve their abilities. In addition, you can also develop by using fragments of memory.

Each time you win a fight, you can get an abundance of things and prizes. If you’re trying to defeat the boss faster or avoid the grind, there’s an overview of all available gift vouchers to Project QT to redeem right now.

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Project QT Gift Codes

Project QT gift codes are plentiful; however, it’s unfortunate that some of them have expired. However, don’t worry about it as we have something working and with no hesitation. Therefore, here are the current Project QT gift codes to redeem today without beating the stakes.

  • MRRCR248CT

These are the present gift codes that are active in Project QT. Be aware that they’re limited in time. We recommend using them as fast as you can before they expire. To get additional codes, you can join our game’s discord channel.

How to Redeem Project QT Gift Codes?

The process of redeeming gift vouchers within Project QT is pretty simple and easy. If you’ve started the game, click the ” MENU” button at the top right-hand corner of the page’s main menu.

From this page, click”Redeem Gift Code” from the menu ” Redeem Gift Code” button. Then, enter any of the mentioned codes and press enter to redeem your reward.

That’s it. To remind you, we encourage you to be part of the games Discord group to stay up-to-date with new code releases. If you’re not already there, you can go through your Social Media button in the menu and choose Discord.

Benefits of Project QT Gift Codes

The Project QT, Present Codes project, is over! However, we will still provide the software for anyone who wants it.

Project QT Codes is an application designed for Android tablets and phones that allows users with all versions of Android (or rooted iOS gadgets) to transmit apk codes. This project could be used to circumvent Google Play Store limitations, for example, buying an app just once per device or permitting apps purchased from one gadget to function on another.

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That’s all. To be eligible to receive New Project QT Gift Codes, Join the Game’s Discord group. Just click on”Sign Up” on the Social Media link at the top of the menu, and choose Discord If you haven’t already been there before.

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