Techno Gamerz Ujjwal Gamer Phone Number Revealed

Thanks to the advanced technology we get to experience today, the gaming experience has improved greatly. Such a craze of gaming software has led many people to choose gaming as their ultimate source of both earning and entertainment. It is why there are a plethora of gamers on platforms like YouTube.

Amidst so many gamers on the web, one person who managed to sweep huge attention is Techno Gamerz. This 20-year-old holds more than 25 million subscribers on the biggest streaming platform. Owing to his fame, it is not a surprise to see many people trying to know who Techno Gamerz is and what Techno Gamerz’s phone number is.

Who is Techno Gamerz?

Ujjwal Chaurasia, better known as Techno Gamerz, is a 20 years old boy who is well known for having a gaming channel under the same name. Born and raised in New Delhi, Ujjwal used YouTube to show his immense love for gaming. His journey as a YouTuber can be traced back to 2016, and today he owns one of the most followed gaming channels in his niche.

He gets immense love from the people around him because of his excellent gaming skills paired with his captivating yet hilarious commentary. Additionally, when his gameplay of the famous game GTA 5 came out, it brought numerous subscribers to his channel.

Here are a few things you might not know about him:

  • He has been named one of the top gaming creators in India.
  • The total count of subscribers on his channel is currently over 25 million.
  • His videos get more than ten million views.
  • His channel is the country’s biggest YouTube channel that provides GTA 5 content.
  • He is named the 3 YouTuber in the country to cross the 1 billion views mark.

Techno Gamerz Phone Number

Ujjwal has managed to get a lot of people as his fans due to the content he posts on the web. So these fans like to know all the details about the person they admire. The most common question many people have is regarding Techno Gamerz’s phone number. However, he has not yet disclosed his official number due to safety reasons.

As for his address, he was born in New Delhi and still lives there with his family. He was born on 12 January 2002 in a Hindu family. However, not much detail is known about his family. Since his channel has grown so much over the course of time, people have been curious about his income as well.

His net worth has been estimated to be $210,000, and his monthly earnings sum up to $22,000. His major sources of income include YouTube Advertisements, sponsorship, and Super chats.


Techno Gamerz is a young Indian YouTuber and Streamer who is well-known for the game-related content he shares with the world. Due to his being so young, he has become a source of inspiration for a lot of young gamers in the country.  

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