Cizzorz Deathrun Map Codes for Fortnite

All Cizzorz Deathrun Map Codes for Fortnite 2024

Players can design their own original game using Fortnite Creative Mode. Gamers have produced amazing maps using Fortnite’s Creative mode. Deathrun maps are quite a fantastic way to hone your movement skills. It’s important for surviving building clashes and effectively utilizing cover.

We’ve chosen several of the best Deathrun game maps because it’s probably one of the best genres. You can play easy and difficult map codes in July 2022. This includes hide-and-seek, zone wars, and some other games. The Cizzorz Deathrun map codes for Fortnite are listed in the following guide.

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Fornite Cizzorz Deathrun Map Codes

  • 4043-5793-6999

The full Deathron mapping codes, as provided by Cizzorz, are listed below:

1. Cizzorz Deathrun Challenge Maps Codes

Originally, Sizzorz, the author, coded this as the first Deathrun map. They overcame a series of Deathrun challenges because these death maps were so popular, with a bonus pool of $1500 available for the fastest players.

2. Map code for Cizzorz Deathrun 2.0

There was a huge $5000 prize pool available for the second death run, which was open to all players. The only requirement is to complete the Deathrun map three times as quickly as possible. Compared to the previous code, this map code had harder obstacles.

3. Cizzorz Deathrun 3.0 Map Code 

You will be put to the test physically and psychologically when playing this code, as stated in the description. It is because it is the largest and most difficult Death Run in history. It used to be the most prominently featured and expensive money pool run by Cizzorz only at that time.

4. Cizzorz Death Maze / Escape Map Codes

Although there are several map break-out codes, that is Cizzorz’s first code. You want to find a hidden tunnel. Complete the map code. You wish to solve a lot of the riddles and puzzles as well. Overall, it’s a fun map code for die-hard gamers who enjoy a perfect death run.

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5. Laugh Run Map Code

You must be the fastest player among all gamers to successfully complete this map code. To distribute this map code to a group, Cizzorz Deathrun map codes worked with the New Balance Athletics Corporation. All awards won by avid players may be given to the Boston Boys and Girls Club

You must perform parkour as you navigate this area to avoid falling into such a lava pit. The top three players with the most common sense each receive a portion of the prize pool based on their ranking.

6. Cizzorz Deathrun 4.0 Map Code

You can explore this map code alone or with some friends. There were the final Cizzorz Deathrun map codes that came from him. All players need to do to win is overcome the clock and outperform some of the other players in a cache pool that has been proven for $5000.


To conclude, players often search for the map codes of Cizzorz’s death run. So, to assist you with that, these are the Cizzorz death run map codes that you can have to enjoy your game. We suggest you go for one of these lists and your gaming experience will automatically increase.

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