CODM (Call of Duty Mobile) Accounts with Password (September 2023)

CODM (Call of Duty Mobile) is an online gaming platform developed by TiMi Studio Group. The game is published by Activision for Android and iOS in 2019. Call of Duty Mobile is fully free to play. Call of Duty Mobile offers Battle Royale, PVR, Shooting, Sniper Gameplay, and fast-paced action. The graphics are great to experience.

An amazing and adventurous world to explore. You can play an iconic character in the battle royale and multiplayer. The game is very popular nowadays.

However, some struggle to know how to create a Call of Duty Mobile Account. And some players want Codm accounts to sell. But they are unsure whether it is illegal or not. Don’t worry today in this article we’ll discuss this. So, let’s start and be with us till the end.

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How to Create a CODM Account?

To create the Codm Account you need to go to  Follow the points mentioned below to create a CODM account.

  1. Then it’ll show you to insert your “Email Address” and “Password”. Insert them wisely according to your choice.
  2. Again, it’ll show you “Retype Password”. Here you’ve to insert the password that you’ve inserted above.
  3. Now you need to fill up the basic information like “Location” “Birthday” and “Activision ID”
  4. You’ve to agree with the terms and conditions. After that click on “Register” or “Sign Up”.
  5. Now your account is ready and you can use this account to play the game. But make sure that you don’t make mistakes while filling up the information.

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Free CODM Accounts with Password

[email protected]franko10
[email protected]codmobile-son10
[email protected]lylien12
[email protected]codmobile779c1
[email protected]15jweiner
[email protected]Sold!er15
[email protected]grow042445cod
[email protected]BigRed07
[email protected]Rm9p28hruf
[email protected]durant
[email protected]huh2281cod
[email protected]viper21
[email protected]foyanherkst
[email protected]codmpcc519492
[email protected]carsitapol352
[email protected]cod-boogie66
[email protected]codah770
[email protected]nomore45cod
[email protected]codmrgan27

We’ve gathered all the accounts from public sources, so grab them as soon as possible before anything goes wrong, but don’t worry if the account is not working, we regularly this table with new CODM Accounts.

Is Selling a CODM Account Illegal?

According to its official page, Gerena Call of Duty Mobile on Facebook, the selling of accounts is forbidden.  Now there are mostly two reasons behind it. The very common and first one is using hacks by players. Some of them cheat too to push rank and win. That exploits the rules of the game.  

Activision doesn’t support these types of players.  Now you may think about how long this ban lasts. Well, normally bans get lifted after 7 to 14 days. But if you don’t go against the rules there’s no need to get banned.

Call of Duty Mobile Accounts for sale

However, bought accounts are new and like your main accounts. So, there’s no restriction to using them. You can buy or sell CODM Accounts from these websites. These websites allow you to buy or sell Codm Accounts.


To sum up, it can be said that creating Call of Duty Accounts is free. Also, it’s free to use and play. Now talking about selling, we’ve got to know them Unless you use those accounts for the wrong purpose there’s no harm. You can use them as your new accounts.

New accounts are like your main accounts. So, there’s no need for any sanctions. In case you face a ban or shadow ban. You can solve the dispute with Activision. We hope that this article helps you to understand things. Some of the questions that bothered you before are cleared now. Happy gaming folks.

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