How to Play Mobile Legends in India After Ban? (Latest)

if you are looking for ways how to play mobile legends in India after the ban then you are in the right place. In this article we share all the ways to change your current server in mobile legends, there could be plenty of reasons to change the servers. In India, due to rising tension between India and China, India’s telecom sector has decided to ban several Chinese apps and games including mobile legends.

Whether you want to get rewards and perks from different server events to just enjoy the players of the different servers and improve the gameplay or get specific events specifically made for specific regions. Although there is no such server change option in-game, however, you can archive this using an external VPN app to experience different servers.

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How to play Mobile Legends in India after the ban?

There are many methods to play mobile legends in India after the ban, we have shared all the best methods for you, you can use any one of them.

Using 3rd party app downloaders

You can use Taptap or Mobigen or any 3rd party app downloader to download the game and use a VPN, stay tuned to this article to know exactly how to change the servers using a VPN.

You can disconnect the VPN after you have successfully opened the game!

How to change Mobile Legends servers using a VPN?

As there is no dedicated option to change the country or region in-game, players can use VPNs to change their location easily, just follow the steps we have stated below.

  • Download any of your favourite apps from the google play store remember if you downloading any VPN from external sources then make sure you trust that source.
  • If you using a 3rd-party VPN then first go to Setting on your Android device and on ‘Allow Uknow Sources’ and then install the VPN.

Make sure the VPN has the desired location server of your need.

  • Now, it’s your turn to clear your game data, for that you need to navigate to Settings>Apps>Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Clear Data.
  • Now make a new account with the VPN enabled.
  • After successfully logging in, let the game download all the necessary files and after that, you are ready to get started.
  • Mobile Legends accounts are location-centric, so you can’t use your old account to change the location.

Over to you!

We are sharing this only for educational purposes, we are not intended to break any government laws, so try this method at your own risk, we have already discussed the vulnerability of using this method.

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