Copium Meaning in Twitch and Where Did it Come from?

Gamers appear to have their own vocabulary at times. You’ve finally figured out what “poggers” means, but now the Copium meaning “Copium” is popping up all over Twitch. What exactly does it imply, and how do you put it to use?

What does Copium mean on Twitch?

Copium is a mixture of phrases that play on both meanings. The first term is “cope,” which implies dealing efficiently with a challenging situation. The second word is “opium,” a noticeably addictive substance. Basically, if someone feels dejected or fails, they might take Copium, a hypothetical new medication, to help them cope with their sentiments.

What is Copium?

Copium is the root of the term hopium. It usually indicates that someone is hooked on false hope or illogical, irritating optimism. It may also relate to a feeling of self-pity experienced by someone with illusions when they fail to achieve the potential they once imagined they possessed.

Where did Copium Come From?

Copium’s Twitch chat presence isn’t very noteworthy, but the term is often used on Reddit and other social media sites. One of the subreddits that popularised the period turned into a meltdown on Reddit. In 2016, the subreddit was founded to mock left-leaning internet users who were outraged by Donald Trump’s victory.

The term originated on 4chan and has since gained popularity among right-wing users on Reddit and other social media sites such as Twitch. Earlier than the mail-in ballots for the latest US presidential election were tabulated, it seemed like Donald Trump could win once more; however, Joe Biden came out on pinnacle. Copium was prominently utilised in various emotes, with the unique emote/meme being altered to encompass Pepe The Frog sporting a “Make the USA outstanding once more” cap. 

The expression “a metaphorical opiate breathed whilst faced with loss, failure, or defeat, particularly in sports, politics, and other tribal conditions,” in step with city Dictionary consumer enterprise1701, is one of the most modern-day meanings Copium.

Copium isn’t very popular in Twitch chat, but it’s miles a well-known meme with a long history, and it’s been utilised in a more political context than in view that 2016. It was a widely circulated meme throughout the previous two presidential elections in the United States.

How is Copium used on Twitch?

Humans nowadays use Copium to respond to any occasion where a person appears defeated over a situation or frustrated after an argument, no matter its political origins. 

The emoticon is frequently used to parody people’s reactions to similar circumstances. However, the term Copium can be used in several contexts. This is most commonly used as a noun, as in “Your fans are high on Copium.”

The term is increasingly often used in the context of esports. Copium is commonly used to describe fans of a particular player or club seeking reasons to trust in them despite dismal outcomes.


when faced with loss or defeat, particularly in sports activities and other tribal situations, metaphorical opium is breathed.

Intense rationalisations for failure, extravagant conspiracy theories allegedly committed by the other side, extreme fury aimed towards the opposing side, implausible charges of fraud and abuse in the system, and rejection of the system are all symptoms of Copium.

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