Top 5 Games like Wizard101 to Play in 2023

Just when you thought there couldn’t be a game interesting enough to give you an experience like Harry Potter, Kingslsle Entertainment released Wizard101. The game is a multipurpose multiplayer-online-role-playing game or simply MMORPG, other games like Wizard101 also fall in this category. There is a school in the game named Ravenwood School of Magical Arts.

When you start playing the game, you’ll start as a student of this school. Moreover, the students are divided into various houses such as Ice, Strom, Fire, Balance, Life, and Death. Your mission will be to save the Spiral, a fictional universe, from various enemies.

Furthermore, each house has a separate spell that you can cast upon enemies while fighting against them. The multiplayer game is set on duels. A team may contain 2,3, or 4 players. Teams will fight against enemies by casting spells on them and consequently bringing down their health to zero.

When the health of all the enemies comes down to zero, the other team wins. Simple yet exciting gameplay has left gamers looking for more games like Wizard101. We have done some digging up and found some good ones for you.

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1. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

Our first pick is Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. Here you take up the mantle of a Marvel Superhero such as Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, etc., and defeat your enemies. The game doesn’t limit your exploration by providing a map. Rather it lets you explore more and more worlds and enhance your superhero’s skills and superpower.

You have to use your character’s power to slash the enemy. Games like Wizard101 let you experience the multiplayer game in a very different way. Marvel Super Hero doesn’t disappoint on that end. Explore more, complete tasks, and enhance your superpower to kill enemies. Download today and start fighting as your favourite Marvel character.

2. Epic Duel

If you love combat, then get ready to get engaged in of the top MMORPG games like Wizard101. The lively atmosphere within the game will keep you hooked for hours. Wizard101 dealt with real-life characters but Epic Duel lets you experience a more futuristic way of combat. The game features robots as the protagonist as well as the antagonist.

You’ll play as a robot and combat against enemies in 1v1 or 2v2 situations. As you surpass levels, you get options to customize your character as well as forge more dangerous weapons that provide a bitter blow to the opponent. There are tons of maps, skill games, and achievements to unlock.

3. Villagers and Heroes

Villagers and Heroes are one of the most noteworthy inclusions in the list of games like Wizard101 and there is a big reason for it. The game has a similar storyline as Wizard101. This game is one of the rare games that features an engaging storyline. If you love magic and creatures, and the universe around it, then you are definitely in for a show.

You’ll have to choose a class before start playing. The options are Wizard, Priest, Warrior, or Hunter. Each class has different rewards and opportunities in the game. You will explore the magical world and compete in various quests to earn rewards. Due to the similar storyline, this game resembles Wizards101 at large.

4. Pirate101

Pirate101 is almost the carbon copy of Wizard101 yet it is different in some aspects. One of the aspects is the storyline which is completely different from the 2008 release. You will be role-playing a pirate. Your main objective will be to explore worlds, collect valuables for your ship, and form and maintain a team of individuals who are responsible for protecting and conquering various islands with you. By doing so, you will upgrade your battle skills and be more powerful after each quest.

The insane graphics, sounds, and the “pirate” make this a must-try for everyone. This game is a worthy member of the list of games like Wizard101.

5. Spiral Knights

Our last pick is Spiral Knight which also resembles other games like wizard101 but has unique gameplay. You’ll need to conquer areas and beat the bosses to power up your skills. In return, you will get lucrative rewards that will help you to beat your opponents at higher levels.

Furthermore, you’ll have to visit many dungeons which hold key elements to upgrade your arsenal. Throughout the game, you’ll have to rack up 4 weapons before facing off against the main antagonist. A fun play game like Wizard101, Spiral Knight will stun you with graphics and weapon customizability. Another interesting part that will excite gamers is the difficulty to beat the main boss. Challenging, and exciting, Spiral Knight is worth a try.

Fall in Love with MMORPG Again

That’s all folks. We hope that we got you covered in your quest of finding games like Wizard101. Try any of them and see if it matches your expectation. Have fun and play with your near and dear ones.

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