How to Get a Free BGMI Royal Pass (May 2024)

Since its release, BGMI has been shattering records. It is currently one of the most popular smartphone games. BGMI has evolved each time to add something fresh to the game, keeping players interested. The Free Royal Pass is one of the BGMI developers’ features to keep fans interested. The developer profit when a gamer purchases one of these Royal passes.

What is Royal Pass?

As you go through the Season, you will get more gifts from Pass Royale. Whenever you pursue Pass Royale, you’ll approach exceptional advantages like unlimited retries in Special Challenges, the chance to line Chests, and, surprisingly, a brilliant username!

BGMI on the go The Royale Pass is a seasonal featured pack in the game that introduces new daily quests and challenges. The participants are rewarded handsomely for finishing the challenges. With every update, in the new royale pass, they bring several new features, modes, events, and items and make the game more fun and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The game has already had seven successful Royal seasons, and you may be familiar with them if you have participated in any of them.

Each season, BGMI Mobile offers a new Royale Pass with many fantastic perks. The legendary and mythic clothes are available with the Royale Pass. Along with clothes, the Royale Pass includes a variety of unique vehicle skins and weapon finishes at varying levels.

How do I get Free Royal Pass in BGMI?

royale pass

Each BGMI player wishes to set the Free Royale Pass up to acquire his number one outfit and different skins in the game. These gleaming garments enhance the appearance of a gamer’s in-game persona.

Season 20 of BGMI Mobile has been officially published, and the season’s latest BGMI Royal Pass is now available for purchase. The Royale Pass comes in two flavours: Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus, each with its own set of benefits.

After acquiring the Elite Upgrade for 600 UC, users will be able to access elite missions. After purchasing the enhanced edition, you will be able to immediately access incredible prizes.

Notwithstanding, not every person can bear to burn through cash or put UC assets to acquire a Royale Pass. As a result, people look for free ways to gain royal passes in BGMI. As a result, in the most recent BGMI Mobile update, we’ve mentioned various methods for getting the BGMI Mobile Season 20 Royale Pass for free.

Here are various ways to receive a complimentary Season 22 Royale Pass for BGMI Mobile:

Making Money Using Apps

Several Super Gold applications can help you earn free Paytm cash. Everything necessary for a player is to download the application and answer a couple of straightforward inquiries.

The money they earned would be deposited into their app wallet automatically. It may also be redeemed for UC in BGMI Mobile with a Paytm account. This is the most popular and secure method of obtaining the BGMI Season 20 Royale Pass.


BGMI Mobile provides free giveaways in addition to steamers like they did with the Season 12 BGMI Royale Pass.

UC from Elite Royale Pass

uc bgmi

The Elite Royale Pass returns 600 UC, which we purchased as we progressed through the RP mission rewards. Players must first buy the Elite Royale Pass, after which they will receive their UC back by completing the RP objectives.


You may receive BGMI Mobile royal passes for free using any of the techniques listed above. Have fun with your game. Although you may use any of the methods listed above, it is suggested that you get a royal pass from a reputable BGMI UC.

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