Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai) UID, K/D Ratio, Income, Face Reveal

Ajju Bhai! If you are a fan of Free Fire then you will be aware of Total Gaming aka Ajju Bhai. If you are one of the fans of Ajju Bhai, then you are in the right article. In this article, we are gonna mention some of the important facts about Ajju Bhai.

We will be mentioning his UID, Stats, Social media handle, and also Total Gaming Youtube Channel. You just need to stick to this article till the end so that you get some of the valuable information for which you came far.

Who is Ajju Bhai?

Well, know the content in the Indian Gaming industry is Ajju Bhai. Through the Youtube channel Total Gaming, he has started his journey as the content creator of the game Free Fire. Ajju Bhai has a huge fan base of 31.1M subscribers on his Youtube Channel. He is the top gaming content creator in India. We can say that his fan base and his level are unbeatable in the gaming community.

What is Ajju Bhai UID?


What are Ajju Bhai Stats?

In this section, we are mentioning both the Lifetime Stats of Squad and Duo. These stats can be changed over time so try to go through the real-time stats throughout the game.

Ajju Bhai Stats

Ajju Bhai Lifetime Stats

Matches Played9302
Win Rate25.95%
Total Kills34138
K/D Ratio4.96
Average Damage1536

Ajju Bhai Duo Stats

Win Ratio18.84%
Total Kills6200
K/D Ratio4.81

Ajju Bhai Solo Stats

Win Rate8.63%
Total Kills2237

Ajju Bhai Youtube Channel

Ajju Bhai is the biggest content creator in the gaming industry in India. He use to stream on youtube and upload funny gameplay videos, tips-tricks, and montages. Since he is one of the biggest content creators so used to play with many big gamers as well like Scout, Mortal, Amit Bhai, and many more.

In October 2018 he started his Youtube journey. Till now he has uploaded almost 1745 videos on his main channel. Currently, He runs six Youtube channels Total Gaming, Ajjubhai Gaming, AJJUBAI, TG Highlights, TG Tournament, and Total Gaming Shorts.

Ajju Bhai Social Media Handles

So, Ajju Bhai is also using various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can just check those two social medial handles so that you can get some of his daily updates. Because we all know that every creator uses to be more active on social media.

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