Cookie Run Kingdom Codes (February 2024): Free Crystals and Rainbow Cubes

Cookie Run Kingdom is a game in which you will have to take the character of a cookie and fight in a huge RPG battle simulator. Each of the players assuming cookie roles has a different unique character.

The players have to build a cookie castle for which they need to unlock more items and make more resources to level up their castle soon as possible. Players also have to upgrade the buildings and additional structures. To develop the kingdom players must complete some missions, thereby collecting several items, materials, and equipment.

So, to upgrade the gaming level one must have available resources. But the problem arises when all your items and resources get finished after a certain time and you again have to go for the quest and complete missions.

To make your gaming experience a little easier you must take advantage of the promo codes of Cookie Run Kingdom. Any game with some free gifts is always welcome. So, here you have all that you need to know about the promo code of Cookie Run Kingdom.

If you are playing the Cookie Run Kingdom you will know that there are a plethora of ways to get daily gifts and items for free that you can get from the in-game things. But there is another awesome way to get free items and resources by using the promo codes.

Cookie Run Kingdom codes help you with huge amounts of crystal and other goodies like building equipment, furnishing items, decorative items, and so many other necessary accessories that you need while building a castle. You can redeem the promo codes to get such exciting gifts.

Active codes:

  • DESPERATEMEASURESLCS – Redeem code for 100 Stamina Jellies, 100 EXP Star Jellies Lvl.5
  • LASTCOOKIESTANDING – Redeem code for 1K Crystals
  • HOLESOMEADVENTURE – Redeem code for 3k Crystals and 1K Rainbow cube
  • CRKINDONESIA – Redeem code for 3K Crystals

Cookie Run Kingdom release their codes without any prior notice or warning. They release the codes very randomly. So the very first task is to keep checking if there is any free code. The codes only last for a very short period of time.

If you are being late you may not have the opportunity to grab it. They do last only for a limited time, so be quick as possible. You can redeem these codes through a website. It can be a little bit difficult if you are new to such platforms but it can get easier if you follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the game and click on the menu that is in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Then the settings option will pop up and tap on that.
  3. Click on the info tag.
  4. You will your username and copy it.
  5. Then go to DevPlay’s redeem code website and paste your username there.
  6. Finally, put the promo code you want to redeem and the awards or gifts hidden in the code will automatically generate. And there you have the reward and claim it.

That’s all guys!

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